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Axed Mandalorian game was the Star Wars FPS of your dreams

In the wake of the Star Wars Mandalorian game being canned, a fresh report details what could have been for Respawn's FPS game on PS5 and Xbox.

Star Wars Mandalorian game details: two bounty hunters in silver and brown beskar armor side-by-side

If we had a nickel for every time a promising Star Wars Mandalorian game got canceled, we’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s unfortunate that it happened twice. And from the latest report detailing what could have been regarding Respawn’s leaked bounty hunting game, PS5 and Xbox players would have had a field day.

As per Insider Gaming – the source that originally leaked the true nature of Respawn’s now-canned Star Wars FPS game – the Mandalorian game “was still a ways off from its release,” but certain mechanical elements and even whole levels were near completion.

Digging into the details, the Mandalorian game would have taken place across multiple planets, offering up the fast-paced gameplay Respawn’s best multiplayer games are renowned for in numerous biomes. A central ‘den’ served as your base of operations, housing an armory, upgrade station, and even your ship.

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It doesn’t look like Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin would’ve fronted the Star Wars game, but that wouldn’t have taken away from the sheer, frenetic enjoyment that devs and playtesters alike apparently experienced. Combat seemingly had everything you’d want from a Mando game – jetpacks, multiple weapons and gadgets, Doom-like takedowns, and plenty of enemies to test them out on.

Between yourself and your target, you’d find plenty of Stormtroopers of different varieties. Some had a regular blaster, while others came kitted out with shotguns, snipers, and even rockets. You could also run into some unruly locals depending on the planet. And, if that’s not enough to keep you on your toes, Insider Gaming notes in its report that “boss-like enemies” such as AT-STs would also show up on occasion.

Though very much still in the oven, the Mandalorian game clearly knew what it wanted to achieve. An intense, high-mobility shooter that was filled with danger and delight. Knowing how hard Respawn cooked with the Star Wars Jedi series, as well as how great it is at putting out top-quality FPS games, this writer does not doubt in their mind that the Mandalorian game would have been exceptional.

Unfortunately, EA wasn’t convinced, pulling the plug as part of its recent cuts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the popularity of The Mandalorian TV series wasn’t enough proof of concept. After all, the Pascal and Grogu factors, as well as its spaghetti western stylings separate it from what Respawn was attempting to achieve. Still, the wait for a new bounty hunter game drones on, and after the cancellations of this project and the ill-fated 1313, it’s hard to maintain hope.

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