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New Starfield update makes 500 changes and none of them are Xbox mods

The latest Starfield update grants lift off for over 500 fixes on Xbox, but we’re still waiting for Bethesda to launch Starfield mods.

Starfield Xbox Mods: An image of Sam Coe in Starfield on Xbox.

For all of Starfield’s grandiose world building and hundreds of planets to explore, getting across the galaxy is a pretty bug-filled experience on Xbox. If you’ve been encountering bizarre issues in your own galactic conquests, the good news is that a new Starfield update is available to download right now. However, if you’re looking for some tasty Starfield mods, you’ll need to keep looking to the stars.

We’ve been waiting for Bethesda to roll out Starfield Xbox mods for months, as the highly-requested feature is still absent since the massive open world game launched. However, despite the overwhelming amount of changes listed in the latest Starfield patch notes, Bethesda hasn’t quite figured out how to integrate mods for console players yet. There are 501 total fixes for Starfield available in the new Xbox game update. While a small amount of those apply specifically to our Constellation brethren on PC, this is absolutely staggering.

Bethesda’s worlds are gargantuan, and even though they’re packed with rich detail, tinkering with them can elevate them further. That’s why Bethesda’s magnum opus, Skyrim, is one of the best RPG games ever made for many Xbox players, as mods can truly tailor your experience. To that end, it is a strong possibility that Starfield’s Xbox iteration simply can’t handle Starfield mods yet.

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In December last year, Bethesda outlined its plan for the future of the mammoth space RPG, clarifying that “official mod support will be coming to Starfield with the launch of Creations.” Sadly, the studio only indicates this feature is coming “early next year”, and that the game will be getting “its own exporter” for meddling with mod support.

Speculatively, it is possible that Starfield mods may arrive by the end of April, as the studio will be putting its focus behind promoting the release of Amazon’s Fallout TV show.

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