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Rise of the Ronin’s 8 epic combat styles flourish in new PS5 gameplay

Team Ninja dives deeper into Rise of the Ronin’s multiple combat styles, and this new PS5 RPG isn’t messing around in the heat of battle.

Rise of the Ronin fighting styles: An image of the main character in Rise of the Ronin with a sword.

We’re approaching the launch of Rise of the Ronin fast, and there is still plenty to learn about Team Ninja’s action RPG. The Nioh developer is bringing its signature agile combat and punishing enemies to the upcoming PS5 adventure, but you’ll have multiple methods of delivering swift justice. Now, a series of new videos detail the various combat styles you’ll be able to master.

Over on the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, Sony is uploading multiple snippets of the new PS5 game’s combat. Rise of the Ronin, at present, will feature up to eight different styles of fighting. Using Google Translate, each method of fighting translates to the following: sword, dual swords, bayonet, long-distance weapons, long sword, odachi, spear, naginata. Each of them will provide the player with certain advantages against enemies, but we’re already eager to master specific styles like long-range focused weaponry.

Each video depicts how impressively smooth these styles look in action, but there’s something very satisfying about blasting an enemy with a rifle before locking blades. Although, developer Team Ninja won’t make its forthcoming RPG game easy for anyone. Both Nioh and Nioh 2, two of the best Soulslike games around, don’t take their foot off the gas when it comes to difficulty.

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But like you, we enjoy the challenge, and Rise of the Ronin looks set to offer some intense battles. On top of these varying combat methods, Team Ninja is also introducing other elements to consider that will make each fight a game of wits, too.

You’ll notice that the developer is implementing counters and throws to offset the odds of defeat, with combos giving you an incentive to truly hone your skills. The mere thought of jaw-dropping combat montages that will appear on YouTube once the Rise of the Ronin release date is exciting in itself.

The addition of interchangeable combat styles isn’t too dissimilar to that of another samurai adventure, and one of the best PS5 games available: Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch Productions arms the player with multiple fighting stances in Ghost of Tsushima, each of them able to be toggled on the fly. It keeps the game’s combat fresh, and while also adding a tactical element for approaching specific foes. If you’ve been longing for a sequel to the highly acclaimed open world game, then Rise of the Ronin is likely to scratch that itch for you.

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