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FC 24 just added a new skill move and a (probably toxic) celebration

The latest FC 24 update makes some big gameplay balance changes, but new celebrations and animations have caught our eye instead.

FC 24 update: A split image showing Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior in the white shirt of Real Madrid

A brand new FC 24 update just went live for players on Xbox and PlayStation, and among a sea of gameplay tweaks and tuning, there are some small new additions you need to know about. These include a brand new skill move for FC 24, fresh animations, and the iconic celebration of Real Madrid sensation Jude Bellingham.

The EA FC 24 Spring Update is a fairly sizeable one, and can be downloaded right now. Post-launch updates to EA FC and FIFA games tend to focus solely on gameplay balancing, and the Spring Update is no exception. However, we’re actually seeing some new gameplay features this time around too in an attempt to further bolster FC 24’s position as one of the best sports games, and one of the best games in EA Sports’ recent history.

All you skill-move spammers out there will be eager to know about the Idle Stepover. This is all-new skill move has been added to FC 24 as part of a sizeable drop of new in-game animations, based on volumetric data captured during the group stages of this season’s UEFA Champions League. This is the first time new gameplay animations that are based on real-world capture have been added post-launch, and the Idle Stepover has been inspired by the technique of Vinicius Jr., Real Madrid’s skillful Brazilian winger.

The Idle Stepover can only be performed by players with the Trickster PlayStyle, which of course includes Vinicius Jr., as well as the likes of Neymar, Rafael Leao, and Lauren James. To execute it, simply make sure your player is standing still on the pitch, and hold L2 and R2 on PlayStation, or LT and RT on Xbox.

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As well as the new skill move, there are new shooting animations and an acrobatic goal line clearance animation too to spice things up in one of the best Xbox games and best PS5 games.

A new addition that has almost certainly passed you by, as it wasn’t specifically highlighted in the Spring Update’s patch notes, is that a new signature celebration has been added for Jude Bellingham. After scoring with the FC 24 Wonderkid, simply press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to see him stop and raise both arms in the air to strike his trademark pose.

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While it’s great to see it added to FC 24, there have been plenty of occasions in past games where iconic celebrations (often static ones like this new one for Bellingham) have been overused and garnered a reputation for being toxic. Conceding lucky goals or last minute winners is frustrating at the best of times, and throughout the years players have often tried to compound the misery or get into rivals’ heads with certain celebrations. If you cast your mind back to FIFA 21, EA Sports actually removed two celebrations (including the notorious ‘Shush’) to combat in-game toxicity. We fear Bellingham’s celebration might end up the same way, especially if it becomes widely used in Ultimate Team matches.

As mentioned, there are still loads of gameplay balance changes being made in this update, particularly towards PlayStyles and certain AI difficulties. You can check those changes out here.

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