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Rise of the Ronin download size makes it a PS5 SSD-eating monster

Here's how much space you're going to need to reserve for Rise of the Ronin when Team Ninja's open-world RPG arrives on PS5 this month.

Rise of the Ronin download size: a long-haired samurai weaering a white scarf of sorts

Team Ninja’s expansive open-world RPG, Rise of the Ronin, finally lands on PS5 this month. A big question that always sits in the back of your mind is ‘how many games am I going to have to uninstall to wedge this one in?’ Well, by the looks of things, you might have to make a difficult decision as it reportedly comes in at a whopping 96.343 GB.

The magic number comes courtesy of the ever-reputable ‘PlayStation Game Size’, which notes that you’ll be able to pre-load the PS5 exclusive from Friday, March 15, 2024. While it’s a pretty hefty hit to your PS5 SSD, we’re not surprised to see it sit somewhere between some of February’s new PS5 games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (~45 GB) and the gargantuan Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (~145 GB).

A sprawling, open-world game set in the later years of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Rise of the Ronin looks to be an impressive display of world-building and the flashy combat Team Ninja’s renowned for. Though the studio isn’t necessarily known for its graphical fidelity – Rise of the Ronin is no Ghost of Tsushima there – its beautiful recreations of some of Japan’s biggest cities will certainly contribute a wedge to the near-100 GB file size reported.

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Fortunately, as it doesn’t quite hit the storage cap for the PS5’s Blu-ray discs, Rise of the Ronin should only come as a single-disc physical release. The bigger issue here is its post-installation blueprint, which could prove a problem if you have several evergreen games already taking up the majority of your storage space.

Indeed, it could very well be time to put the PS5’s expansion bay to good use by snagging one of the best PS5 SSDs. Though we’ve now reached the backend of the console’s lifecycle, it’s still a more-than-worthwhile investment.

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