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PS5 compatible SSDs, how to upgrade storage, best SSDs, and more

The best PS5 compatible SSDs and storage upgrades for Sony’s new console

PS5 has been out on the market for almost a year at this point and players can now start upgrading their storage with internal SSDs from a wide range of providers. However, the process of upgrading your SSD and some of the restrictions in place make things a little tricky to understand.

But, fear not, we have compiled together everything you need to know about the PS5 and SSD storage expansion, including how to upgrade your PS5 storage, which PS5 external SSDs are worth buying, and which compatible SSDs work with the PS5.

Alongside all the information you need to know about, you can find some extra bits of information about PS5 SSDs, including which SSD Sony’s lead system architect for the PS5 Mark Cerny recommends and when we can expect the next PS5 firmware update, which will unlock the internal M.2 NVMe SSD slot.

PS5 SSD Storage Size

The PS5 has a standard SSD storage size of 825 GB which comes with the console. However, some of that is taken up by preinstalled apps and the user interface, so in actuality players have access to 667.2 GB of space.

PS5 SSD Expandable Storage Size

The PS5 has an expandable internal storage size for SSDs of anywhere between 250 GB and 4 TB. Any SSD that falls between those two sizes will be compatible.

PS5 Internal SSD Requirements

There are a lot of requirements you need to adhere to when it comes to upgrading your PS5 internal SSD, which can make the selection a bit tricky. The specifications for the extra NVMe slot within the system are as follows straight from Sony:

  • Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Capacity: 250GB – 4TB
  • Cooling structure: Using an M.2 SSD with your PS5 console requires effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure, such as a heatsink. You can attach one to your M.2 SSD yourself, either in a single-sided format, or double-sided format. There are also M.2 SSDs that have cooling structures (such as heatsinks) built in.
  • Sequential read speed: 5,500MB/s or faster is recommended
    Module width: 22mm width (25mm width is not supported)
  • Form Factor: M.2 type 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110. These numbers can be found on retail listings for M.2 SSD devices. The first two digits refer to the width, the remaining digits to the length.
  • Socket type: Socket 3 (Key M)
  • Total size including cooling structure: In millimetres: smaller than 110mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 11.25mm (H). In inches: smaller than 4.33in (L) x 0.984 in (W) x 0.442in (H).
  • Support: Both single-sided and double-sided M.2 SSD devices are supported. M.2 SATA SSDs aren’t supported.

PS5 Compatible SSDs

Any of the SSDs which meet the requirements in the section above should be compatible with the PS5’s expandable storage slot. However, to make things easier, a number of companies have announced new SSDs which they have confirmed are compatible with Sony’s PS5 console.

Seagate FireCuda 530 Heatsink

Seagate has confirmed that its new Firecuda 530 Heatsink SSD will work with the PS5’s M.2 NVMe expandable storage slot. Available in 500 GB, 1 TB, 2TB, and 4TB formats the SSD is described as being “built for sustained abuse and accelerated gaming”.

One downside to this SSD is the price, which can reach $1,000 for a 4TB version. This SSD does come with a heatsink attached, however, meaning that you don’t have to worry about attaching your own.


Western Digital has confirmed its new SN850 SSD is compatible with the PS5 and can be bought with or without a heatsink. Priced around the same as the Seagate SSD, Western Digital’s comes in 500 GB, 1TB, and 2 TB formats.

Mark Cerny, the system architect for the PS5, has also shared on Twitter that this is the SSD he has bought for his PS5.


If you are looking for the cheapest option, the Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s is the SSD for you. Coming in 1TB and 2TB formats, this SSD is a great choice for those who are looking to find the cheapest SSD option, while also getting the power you would expect and want.

Best PS5 SDD

Any of these choices are a good choice for picking the best PS5 SSD, but we would choose the WD_BLACK SN850. Western Digital is a known brand which specialises in producing top-quality gaming hardware. Although the price is a little steeper than other SSDs, the brand name and quality of the products it makes clearly make it the best choice.

You can’t find a 4TB version of this SSD, but 2TB or even 1TB is more than enough to significantly expand your PS5’s internal storage and pack dozens of games onto the system for you to play.

So that covers all you need to know about the PS5’s internal expandable storage and all the compatible SSDs for the console. While you are here, read through our list of the best PS5 games to see what you should install next.