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XDefiant will “lock” in a launch date after this PS5 and Xbox test

XDefiant still isn't available on PS5 and Xbox, but Ubisoft promises this is set to change after an upcoming test session for the FPS game.

XDefiant 12 server test: An image of XDefiant operators doing a peace sign gesture.

If you’ve been eager to jump back into XDefiant after its promising Xbox and PS5 betas, then we’re afraid you’ll need to wait even longer. After weeks of speculation regarding the release of Ubisoft‘s shooter, a new XDefiant update addresses the future of the long-awaited multiplayer FPS.

Before Ubisoft can guarantee a concrete XDefiant release date, it needs to run further tests regarding the game’s stability. In a recent statement about the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, Ubisoft clarifies that “while we hoped to go live by the end of March, there are still some improvements we need to test before that.” Specifically, the forthcoming FPS game is finalizing preparations for a 12-hour server test.

The test will be available worldwide on all platforms, and is designed to stress test XDefiant’s servers, while gathering “critical data” to aid the game’s eventual launch. At present, a date for the 12-hour server test is yet to be determined. However, we speculate it could arrive within the next month, now that competitor events like Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 and The Finals Season 2 have already debuted.

XDefiant 12 hour server test: An image of the XDefiant update from Ubisoft about the game's launch date.

Furthermore, it is claimed that XDefiant’s delay is a result of Ubisoft leadership aiming to avoid Call of Duty’s pratfalls in recent entries of the long-running franchise. Allegedly, XDefiant should have released by the end of February this year, but technical obstacles persist among rigorous testing. During that time, Ubisoft is still laying down the foundations for Xbox and PS5 players, with the arrival of XDefiant trophies and exclusive rewards appearing out of the blue.

Once the aforementioned 12-hour server test has concluded, Ubisoft adds that it expects to be able to “lock in a launch date and start sharing more about the exciting content XDefiant has to offer in the future.” It isn’t exactly the massive update that players were hoping for, but at least some semblance of a playable version of the multiplayer game is on the horizon.

Last year, we spoke to executive producer Mark Rubin about XDefiant’s unique maps and factions, as well as the game’s goal to not be a ‘Call of Duty killer’.

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