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New Remnant 2 update finally brings PS5 and Xbox players together

Gunfire Games is uniting Xbox and PS5 players in the fight against the Root with the long awaited arrival of a Remnant 2 crossplay.

Remnant 2 update crossplay: An image of a hunter in Remnant 2.

We’ve spent countless hours battling Remnant 2’s bosses, discovering powerful builds and weird weapons along the way. However, like you, teaming up with friends has been limited to our console of choice, but this is finally changing. Now, a new Remnant 2 update finally introduces the ability to harness Remnant 2 crossplay.

Gunfire Games’ fantasy RPG shooter was a welcome surprise last year, easily finding a place among the best Soulslike games out there. We’re thrilled to see the developer bring this highly requested feature, as it states in the recent Remnant 2 patch notes that “players can unite against the Root, irrespective of their chosen platform. Team up with friends or discover open games across platforms and embark on your journey together.”

Next time you boot up the game on Xbox and PS5, pending you’ve downloaded the recent update, you’ll have this setting turned on by default. Should you face any issues, the developer expresses “if you can’t see a friend’s game in-game, then confirm that you have matching crossplay settings.” It’s a simple tweak that you and your friends can check through the in-game menu.

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We’ve dived into the fantastic RPG game to check out the Remnant 2 crossplay update too, and sure enough, we’ve managed to play with friends on other platforms. It still hasn’t stopped us getting annihilated by pesky enemies, though. You can do better than us by using some of the best Remnant 2 weapons available.

To celebrate the introduction of this feature, Gunfire Games is also hosting another Aberration Domination event to participate in. Live from Thursday, February 29, 2024, until Tuesday, March 5, 2024, you can expect to collect and trade “Corrupted Shards to craft corrupted versions of some new special weapons.” We’re always trying to make our builds spicier, so don’t skip over these weapons. You might just end up creating one of the best Remnant 2 classes through experimentation.

Looking ahead to the game’s next major DLC expansion, the developer teases that it has a “larger balance patch planned for DLC 2.” We spoke to Gunfire Games about the first DLC, The Awakened King, and how it impacts the game going forward.

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