Does Remnant 2 have crossplay?

It's one of the most exciting co-op shooters of the year, but does Remnant 2 have crossplay so players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC can squad up together?

Remnant 2 crossplay: A character in a leather face mask holding a large machine gun

Remnant 2 crossplay is a feature a lot of players would hope for in a co-op game because being able to play with mates on other platforms is always a blessing. Sure, a lot of us tend to grab the same platforms to play on, but it’s not always possible. For those trying to play with friends across PS5, Xbox, and PC, crossplay is becoming an increasingly important feature.

The game allows you and up to two friends to work together to take down a range of huge bosses and explore strange alien worlds to try and stop reality from being destroyed. And it can be fairly difficult, which is why you should use our Remnant 2 walkthrough if you need help. We loved the game during our Remannt 2 review, firmly making it one of the best PS5 co-op games and best Xbox co-op games. There’s loot to find, branching quest lines for replayability, and plenty of potential character builds thanks to the upgraded Archetype system that has had a complete overhaul in Remnant 2.

Does Remnant 2 have crossplay?

Remnant 2 does not have crossplay support between PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC currently. However, in a recent developer AMA, the Gunfire Games team confirmed that crossplay is “actively being worked on”. 

While Remnant 2 might have the same scope and look of many AAA games, the team making it is actually a fair bit smaller. As such, at the moment, there’s no crossplay just yet. However, the Gunfire Games team is working on it, with the team saying “There are issues with the different platforms and what they require in order to allow crossplay”.

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It sounds promising that the team is working on the feature as a post-launch update, but if that’s a feature that will make or break the game for you, we recommend holding out for a proper release of the system before buying.

The good news is that Remnant: From the Ashes has some crossplay. PC and Xbox players could team up with each other, but there was nothing PS5 or PS4 players could do. Sure, PS4 and PS5 players could play together, but they couldn’t fraternize with those on Xbox consoles or PC. Players who used different launchers on PC could also interact, which was good news when Remnant: From the Ashes came to Game Pass.

Remnant 2 crossplay: A man with a chainsaw-like weapon looms over another person on the ground

Why Remnant 2 needs to have crossplay?

While many people want crossplay for every game they like the look of, some games just fit it better. While Remnant 2 does have online co-op, it’s not a competitive shooter, so things like keyboard and mouse versus controller won’t be an issue. It also means that more people would get to play the game together, and that can only ever be a good thing in a co-op title like Remnant 2.

It also makes sense that you’d want to always be running with a full team too, because there str multiple Remnant 2 classes to try out and mess around with, and they should complement each other well. Knowing that you can rely on Remnant 2 crossplay to fill out your team means you can rest easy and trust the people you’re playing with, instead of hopping around online games and hoping for the best from players you don’t know.

If anything changes regarding Remnant 2 crossplay, we’ll update this guide to reflect that, but in the meantime, keep your eyes on our Remnant 2 hub for all the latest news and guides. For now, you can also check out the best weapons in Remnant 2 if you’re struggling to defeat the main bosses.