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Helldivers 2 players can’t bring democracy to the bedroom anymore

Helldivers 2 players are failing so badly that in-game lore is prohibiting certain ways of spreading democracy, like with your loved ones.

Helldivers 2 Major Order fail: An image of a Helldiver screaming in helldivers 2.

Listen up Helldivers 2 players, you need to get your act together. We get it, defeating Bile Titans and Automatons isn’t easy, but now our actions are affecting the game’s universe in unexpected ways. Arrowhead Game Studios shows why the game’s lore is so tangible, and hilarious, as it bans Helldivers from procreating behind closed doors. No, seriously.

There are many reasons why Helldivers 2 is one of the best co-op games on PS5 right now, but the game’s incredible living, breathing universe is a major highlight. Following the failure of a Major Order, the game’s way of setting large-scale community goals, Arrowhead has deployed consequences for the people of Super Earth – by taking away “procreation applications.”

Yes, having sex has been banned in Helldivers 2. This is all because PS5 players didn’t manage to liberate two planets in the allotted timeframe Arrowhead specified. However, the studio’s explanation for withholding this pastime from players is appropriately stern. After all, this bug-filled multiplayer game is all about bringing liberty to the galaxy properly.

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Here’s what the Major Order failure brief says: “Though many Terminids have been mercifully culled, the Helldivers were unable to penetrate as far inside the Quarantine Zone as ordered. The expansion of our citizens to new planets will be reduced in line with the reduction of expected Element 710 to be produced. Further procreation applications will be denied until further notice.”

Don’t be so hard on yourself, though. The recent struggles to destroy Terminids and Automatons across the galaxy may have felt off recently, and that’s because there’s a concerning bug lurking with the game itself. We don’t mean a Charger or a Hunter, we mean an actual issue with Helldivers 2’s infrastructure. This Major Order loss is partially down to progression across objectives and leveling up not registering as intended. The good news is that now-iconic game master ‘Joel’ is aware of the issue, and it wasn’t even his fault!

However, there are bigger obstacles on the horizon than just losing your evening bedroom activity privileges. Sightings of flying Chargers and other bugs are becoming more frequent, and we might need this incredible Star Wars-style Stratagem to fight them.

Helldivers 2 major order fail: An image of the Helldivers 2 Major Order failure for procreation applications.

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