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Quadruple-A game Skull and Bones has price slashed already

Skull and Bones is touted as Ubisoft’s first quadruple-A game, but you can grab it for a triple-A price with this Premium Edition discount.

Skull and Bones DIscount: an image of a pirate in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones is finally available for Xbox and PS5 players, as Ubisoft’s pirate RPG begins to sail through its first year of content. There were some lofty expectations for the game ahead of launch, with Ubisoft itself claiming that it is the first quadruple-A game, and that it should be priced accordingly. Well, that notion has already walked the plank as Skull and Bones Premium Edition is now on sale. 

If you’ve been at the very least curious about Ubisoft’s new multiplayer game, then this could be the ideal time for you to start your pirate life. Skull and Bones Premium Edition is currently receiving a 21% discount on Amazon for the Premium Edition of the game on Xbox. This edition of the game will grant you access to two exclusive missions, the premium battle pass, and unique cosmetics. Typically, Ubisoft’s new co-op game sells for $99.99/£91.99 for the Premium Edition.

Coming down to $72/£72.95 makes the new PS5 game and new Xbox game more inline with triple-A prices these days, although it is still a considerable chunk of change. However, if you want an even better discount, you can head over to UK-based retailer Hit.

Skull and Bones discount: An image of Skull and Bones Premium Edition discounted.

Currently, a listing for the standard edition of the game for both PS5 and Xbox confirms that you can pick up Skull and Bones for $49.95/£49.95. While you won’t be getting any additional perks with this edition, at least you’re making a considerable saving. This is a quadruple-A game after all.

Don’t worry about playing it alone, either. Thanks to the implementation of Skull and Bones crossplay, you can band together with your friends regardless of their platform choice. We’ve put a few hours into Skull and Bones ourselves, and while the tides are a little shaky, we can see why some players might class it as one of the best PS5 games currently available. That’s if you like boats that have stamina bars and ship-docking akin to Xbox exclusive Starfield. It won’t be the only pirate game taking to the horizon, though.

One of the best RPG games around, Sea of Thieves, is headed to PS5 soon with full crossplay support. You’ll need to make a Microsoft account to play it, but after that, it will be all smooth sailing.

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