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MultiVersus Twitter teases big PS5 and Xbox return for LeBron and co.

It's been over eight months since the MultiVersus Twitter account last posted, but now it's back to offer fresh hope to fans of the fighter on PS5 and Xbox.

MultiVersus Twitter tease: a white and grey bunny called Bugs next to LeBron James in his Space Jam outfit

After over eight months of radio silence, the MultiVersus Twitter account has finally taken to the mic once more to check if it’s still on. The wait for Player First Games’ hit fighter to return to PS5 and Xbox could be coming to an end, and we’re absolutely hyped.

“Taps mic testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,” the account’s first post since June 22, 2023 reads. It’s not exactly a grand statement, but after feeding on scraps for months – remember January’s MultiVersus McDonald’s collab, anyone? – we’ll take what we can get. There’s not even an inkling of when the fighting game will return, but considering MultiVersus was expected to come back early this year it’s pretty clear we won’t be waiting around much longer.

Quoting the tweet, Player First Games offers its own mic check. “Mic check! 2, 1, 2!? This seems to be working just fine,” the studio says. Game director and Player First co-founder Tony Huynh also chimed in with a simple “hi.” The word ‘tease’ is thrown around a lot in this industry, but we can all agree that this is a dictionary example of one.

MultiVersus Twitter tease: the official tweet

Having gone offline on June 25, 2023, it’s been over 250 days since we’ve heard a peep out of MultiVersus’ official social channels. Player First has been somewhat active in that time, wishing fans of the multiplayer game a happy holiday on December 22, 2023.

At the time, the developer said, “in the coming months as we move closer to the launch, we’ll be unveiling our exciting future for MultiVersus.” By the sounds of things, we could have several exciting weeks of big reveals ahead of us for one of last year’s best games if that plan hasn’t changed.

It’s been a long old wait, but the return of MultiVersus is finally upon us. The timing couldn’t be more convenient, either. In its latest earning call, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav outlined plans for its gaming division to pivot to an “always on” live-service model – something MultiVersus could slot into.

The fighting game space has also expanded massively within the time MultiVersus has been away. Between the likes of Mortal Kombat 1, Tekken 8, and WWE 2K24 which have all launched since last June, there’s a litany of top-tier fighters on the market. Of course, MultiVersus maintains its more family-friendly niche, but with Riot Games’ 2XKO also seemingly on the horizon, Player First needs to get a shift on. Let’s hope its unusual strategy pans out.

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