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WWE 2K24 reviews make a major (frog) splash on PS5 and Xbox

The WWE 2K24 reviews are in, and wrestling fans are eating better than ever this year on PS5 and Xbox.

WWE 2K24 reviews: Rhea Ripley wearing black lipstick and a black studded jacket next to The Undertaker pinning Bret

The biggest game in all of sports entertainment is back, and the WWE 2K24 reviews are full of positive things to say about this year’s game. Celebrating 40 years of WrestleMania – the crowning jewel of the WWE calendar – 2K’s latest installment on PS5 and Xbox continues the series’ sparkling form. Though it has its issues, the only nightmare you’ll come face-to-face with, thankfully, is Cody Rhodes.


We’ve been blessed with a litany of excellent fighting games over the past year or so. From the spine-busting Mortal Kombat 1 to the demonically dastardly Tekken 8, we have truly been spoiled for choice. Though the WWE series takes a different approach to the genre, WWE 2K24 has found itself punching up alongside the big guns.

Sitting at a solid 82 on Metacritic, WWE 2K24 has matched the score of last year’s game – only the second time the series has recorded a Metacritic score over 80 since the ‘2K’ rebrand that began with WWE 2K14. As one of this year’s best sports games so far, it’s easy to see why it’s performed so well given what the critics are saying.

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In its 9.2/10 review, DualShockers says WWE 2K24 is “way more than just an annual roster update,” thanks to its 40 Years of WrestleMania showcase, “a massively improved GM mode, and four brand new match types.” The Ambulance Match mode in particular seems to be going down a treat across the board.

However, MyGM doesn’t seem to be perfect just yet – at least according to God is a Geek’s 9/10 review. Though it says that “WWE 2K24 is the best the series has ever been,” it admits that “the MyRISE stories are a little silly, and MyGM can still be frustrating in terms of getting the right balance for high ratings.”

Regardless of its foibles, it’s clear that a lot of care has been poured into the little things in the new PS5 game and new Xbox game. VGC’s 4/5 review makes specific note of this when it comes to the Showcase mode.

“Smaller things that may be ignored by other developers are added here because of a knowledge that the fans would be looking for it,” VGC writes. “Kurt Angle pulling down his leotard straps mid-fight, the Ultimate Warrior’s facepaint running off by the end of his match with Hogan, it’s all here.”

When it comes to the mixed reviews, the biggest gripes appear to come from how fresh elements have been incorporated. Impulse Gamer says in its 3.3/5 review that, “for every good step this year’s game has taken to add fan-pleasing features, it does so on unsteady feet like it’s been stuck in Boston Crab for an entire week.” Dot Esports, meanwhile, says that it “can’t help but feel that Showcase mode didn’t fully delve into WrestleMania’s history” in its 7/10 review.

Regardless, it’s clearly been a great year for 2K’s wrestling game ambitions. With major improvements made to MyGM, MyFaction, and more, alongside a slew of other additions and enhancements, it’s no wonder WWE 2K24 has managed to impress.

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