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MW3 Season 2 Reloaded delivers on chaos, but not creativity

With a minuscule remastered map and two event variants being the highlight of the update, Call of Duty MW3 Season 2 Reloaded is light on fresh fun.

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded update: A diagonally split image with a soldier on the left wearing Japanese samurai-inspired armor, while on the right is an image of the new Das Haus map, featuring a highrise under construction.

Hot on the heels of the second major update to the latest Call of Duty, MW3 Season 2 Reloaded throws even more maps and modes into the mix when it releases on Wednesday, March 6. However, with yet another small map – which also happens to be a reimagined Call of Duty Vanguard map – and two map reskins, MW3’s Season 2 Reloaded update isn’t as showstopping as we’d all hoped.

Revealed in the latest Call of Duty blog, MW3 Season 2 Reloaded adds 6v6 core map Das Haus – a remastered and reimagined Vanguard arena – as well as Skidgrow and Airborne map variants to the Vortex event mode. Alongside this, we’ll also be getting two new modes to spice up the action in one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox: Bounty and Juggermosh.

While the debut of Season 2 treated us to the larger Vista and Departures maps to balance out the (albeit excellent) minuscule Stash House, the Reloaded update falls flat somewhat. Das Haus takes Vanguard’s tight-knit training facility and reimagines it as a highrise under construction. While it’s a strong map in its own right, it’s yet another small map joining the likes of Shipment, Meat, Rust, and the aforementioned Stash House to make MW3 arguably the most chaotic CoD to date and it’s only Season 2.

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded maps: A collage of the new Das Haus map, showcasing its highrise construction scenes, as well as a layout overview on the right side.

Meanwhile, the eldritch realm is calling your name with the Vortex event mode soon to be reinforced with Airborne and Skidgrow – eerie and overgrown map variants of Terminal and Skidrow respectively. These will join Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry, and Sporeyard – otherworldy versions of Rust, Quarry, and Scrapyard, respectively.

Likewise, Bounty puts a spin on Team Deathmatch by marking the best slayer on either team, making them worth extra points if you can bag the elimination. While this mode is a permanent addition, the more unique Juggermosh mode unfortunately is not. Seeing you battle it out as armor-clad Space Marines from Warhammer 40K, this mode will be pure chaos.

In other words, there’s not all that much that’s truly new in MW3 Season 2 Reloaded aside from the SOA Subverter battle rifle and the Soulrender melee weapon. This means even the MW3 meta could remain largely unchanged for quite some time too, which isn’t an ideal scenario in one of the best multiplayer games.

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Here is a full summary of what you can expect from the MW3 Season 2 Reloaded update:

  • New reimaged Das Haus (6v6)
  • New Bounty mode
  • New Juggermosh event mode
  • New Vortex: Decay’s Realm event
  • New Vortex event map variants: Airborne and Skidgrow
  • SOA Subverter battle rifle
  • Soulrender sword

While it’s unfortunate that MW3 Season 2 Reloaded doesn’t push the boat out further, we’ll still have lots of chaotic content to enjoy before the (hopefully) more substantial Season 3 update drops. Either way, there’s waiting involved. So, why not find out all about this new SpongeBob Xbox that will set you back 235 Krabby Patties or how Sony could learn the wrong lessons from Helldivers 2’s soaring success?