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PS5 fans, don’t hold your breath for a PS2 emulator anytime soon

After originally stating it was working with Sony on bringing a PS2 emulator to PS5, Implicit Conversions has clarified that it can neither confirm nor deny it.

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The prospect of playing classic PS2 games on Sony’s latest and greatest hardware is a salivating thought to many – ourselves included. Recently, the company behind the emulation of the PlayStation Classics PS1 catalog, Implicit Conversions, stated that it was working with Sony on a PS5 PS2 emulator. However, it has now clarified its position, with CEO Robin Lavallée saying he “can’t deny nor confirm” the project is in the works.

Following a recent interview with Time Extension, Implicit Conversions’ LinkedIn about section was quickly shared to Reddit and beyond. At the time, it read that, “among our clients, we are working with Sony Interactive Entertainment / PlayStation to bring PS1, PS2, and PSP games to the PS4 and PS5.” There’s little room for interpretation here – some of the best games from the PS2 generation were heading to PS5, be it digitally through the PS Plus games list or otherwise.

However, mentions of a direct partnership with PlayStation have since been scrubbed from the record. “Currently, we are working with clients to bring NES, PS1, PSP, and PS2 games to the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox,” it now reads.

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Eager to clarify the truth of the matter, Time Extension went back to Implicit Conversions, prompting Lavallée’s response. What remains clear is that the company’s Syrup Engine is more than advanced enough to bring PS2 software to PS5, and the console remains on the cards. Additionally, considering its past work with Sony on the Classics Collection, we’d imagine Implicit Conversions will be the first port of call should the project eventually materialize.

Emulation remains a crucial preservation tool for enabling players new and old to access games that would otherwise be lost to time. Though many of the new PS5 games coming through right now are remasters or full-blown remakes of timeless bangers – looking at you, Persona 3 Reload and Resident Evil 4 Remake – the best way to appreciate their quality is by comparing them directly against their source material.

There are plenty of amazing PS2 games that haven’t been offered the current-gen treatment, too. Cult hit The Simpsons Hit and Run immediately comes to mind, alongside the litany of exquisite movie adaptations that deserve to return to the silver screen (potential copyright issues aside). The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King certainly deserves a return, especially considering the continued prevalence of Peter Jackson’s trilogy from generation to generation.

For now, though, the odds of a PS2 emulator for PS5 arriving anytime soon are considerably slimmer than before. We’re still confident that Sony will get around to the sixth-generation console, but when that’ll be remains unclear.

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