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Warzone Season 3’s best mode will let you exploit the COD meta

Warzone Season 3 finally takes us back to Rebirth Island, and Rebirth Resurgence Loaded sounds like the best addition yet for PS5 and Xbox.

Warzone Rebirth Resurgence Loaded: An image of Snoop Dogg in Warzone Season 3.

Sure, it isn’t Verdansk, but we’re excited about the return of Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 3. Easily one of the best Warzone maps out there, Sledgehammer Games is rolling out the red carpet for the war-torn locale with some fresh playlists, including Resurgence Rebirth Loaded. Not only will you get to deploy with some superb weaponry, but you’ll also be able to use the COD meta right off the bat.

It can be tricky combating the Warzone meta in standard playlists of the acclaimed battle royale game, as it often feels like you’re fighting an uphill skirmish. The good news is that Resurgence Rebirth Loaded eliminates that obstacle, by letting you drop into Rebirth Island with your best Warzone loadouts.

“All players come fully locked and loaded right from the start of the match […] if you’re taken out during a match, you redeploy using the same Resurgence rules, but with the possibility of changing to another of your custom Loadouts,” Sledgehammer Games explains in the latest Call of Duty blog post. This means you should start fine-tuning your favorite Warzone guns, as you’ll have the chance to flip between them between death.

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Everyone will have equal footing in this playlist, and we reckon it’s a welcome addition if you’re tired of the subpar floor loot in other Warzone playlists. Speaking of loot, Sledgehammer Games is also refining what will be available out in the wild: “If you’re out of ammo or equipment, the higher ratio of legendary and reusable loot boxes means you’re never far from a fully kitted-out operator.”

While it all sounds like a great step forward for the ever-popular shooter, you’ll need to wait for Rebirth Resurgence Loaded to debut during Season 3’s mid-season update. Until then, you’ve got plenty of time to become reacquainted with Rebirth Island in one of the best multiplayer games on PS5 and Xbox.

But don’t deploy with just your standard operator skin equipped, there’s an easy to get some free Warzone cosmetics with the new Call of Duty Combat Pack on PS Plus.

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