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Gotham Knights studio swoops in to get Wonder Woman over the line

The new Wonder Woman game has called for backup, and now Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal is stepping in to lend an experienced hand.

Wonder Woman game Gotham Knights devs: An image of Batgirl from Gotham Knights and Wonder Woman.

With the underwhelming reception to Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, we’d get if you weren’t exactly hyped for future DC Comics games on PS5 and Xbox. But the future is brighter than you think, as Monolith continues to work on its new Wonder Woman game. The game’s development has remained silent, but now, it appears that Gotham Knights studio WB Games Montreal is jumping in to help get the game over the line.

Look, we know that Gotham Knights wasn’t received well, but it did fare arguably better than Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. Despite middling reviews at the time of release, there is actually a solid Bat Family story under the hood. Paired with its solid co-op game features, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Hopefully that energy will transfer over to Monolith’s Wonder Woman game, which is currently hiring new developers through WB Games Montreal.

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, the job listing for the role of external development artists specifies that the hired candidate will “work closely with our team and support the Monolith Productions team on their announced Wonder Woman game”, as part of their first project. Furthermore, another application form looking for a lead programmer will also “join the Wonder Woman team and help bring an iconic DC Superhero to life.”

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Since 2004, Monolith has served as a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, making it commonplace for other first-party studios under its banner to assist each other.

It wouldn’t be the first time WB Games Montreal has given its expertise on all things DC Comics, having solely developed 2013’s Batman Akrham Origins – quite possibly one of the best games ever for superhero fans. These listings mark a major step forward for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, given how quiet Wonder Woman’s development has been so far. Initially announced back in 2021, talent involved with Wonder Woman also includes former DnD RPG game writer Jennifer Allaway.

Wonder Woman will also have Monolith’s patented Nemesis system, a mechanic that allows players to encounter evolving enemies in a continually changing hierarchy. The fact the Nemesis system is patented is frustrating to an extent, given how this excellent mechanic could be used in other titles.

Can you imagine what Ubisoft could do with it in a forthcoming Assassin’s Creed game? Nevertheless, applying it to Wonder Woman will definitely be interesting, and could make it one of the best PS5 games and best Xbox games around if done well.

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Until further news on the Wonder Woman release date arrives, you can sink your time into plenty of other awesome games. For example, Helldivers 2’s mechs are finally live in-game, or you can check out Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character creator early ahead of its imminent release.