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DnD RPG developer joins Wonder Woman game writing team

A former DnD RPG narrative designer has been hired to work on the new Wonder Woman game, bringing some Dungeons and Dragons experience to Monolith

Wonder Woman Game Writer: Diana can be seen holding her Lasso of Truth

Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman game was one of the bigger surprises during The Game Awards last year, and eight months on from its reveal, it seems like development is ramping up on the game. The Washington studio has just made a pretty interesting hire, adding Jennifer Allaway, a former narrative designer on an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons RPG, as a senior writer.

Announcing her new job on Twitter, Allaway expresses her excitement about working on the anticipated game. “It’s official! The paperwork is signed!” she says. “Could not be more excited for this next stage in my career!”

As mentioned, Allaway was previously working at Hidden Path Entertainment on a still-to-be-announced triple-A DnD RPG. But that familiarity with player agency and choice should mean that Allaway can bring the best out of the story and characters in Monolith’s game, which will use the critically acclaimed Nemesis system from the Middle Earth games.

The Nemesis system was a hierarchy of enemies and opponents that would shift and change throughout the Middle Earth games as you killed commanders and Orcs. Some commanders would develop bonds with others and team up against you, some would come back from almost dying, and others would hunt you down throughout the entire game after just fighting them once.

It was a really impressive feature that Warner Bros Discovery has made clear they want to continue using after patenting it last year. So, if Allaway brings her DnD experience to the Nemesis system, we could see some impressive things done with it, especially as Monolith has the entire DC universe to play with.

Monolith Productions hasn’t released a game since Middle-Earth Shadow of War back in 2017, but it isn’t clear how far along Wonder Woman is in development. Given the brief tease last December and the lack of any updates since then, we might still be waiting a while.

The recruitment of Allaway also suggests that a large bulk of the writing and narrative still needs to be put in place, so you shouldn’t expect a Wonder Woman game release date for a few years.