January 2024 Archive

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New Xbox RPG Avowed is fantasy Fallout New Vegas, and I’m here for it30 January 2024
New Suicide Squad game nails what we love about the movies30 January 2024
Spec Ops: The Line is gone from Steam, and Xbox may be next30 January 2024
Destiny 2 team want to get experimental30 January 2024
Xbox Game Pass won't be getting Visions of Mana after all30 January 2024
New Assassin’s Creed Red game leak says it's coming this year30 January 2024
Leaked Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes sound more like Overwatch 330 January 2024
Call of Duty finally defines the 'skill' in skill-based matchmaking30 January 2024
You will "live and die by your reputation" in Star Wars Outlaws30 January 2024
FF7 Rebirth’s reimagined iconic scene will hurt even more this time29 January 2024
One of February’s day-one Xbox Game Pass additions hit with a delay29 January 2024
Call of Duty Future Warfare leaks lift the lid on axed COD title29 January 2024
New Palworld update continues to smooth off rough edges on Xbox29 January 2024
Rejoice, Warzone Season 2 is set to resurrect Fortune's Keep29 January 2024
Walter White and Kratos among most-cursed custom Tekken 8 characters29 January 2024
Suicide Squad servers offline due to hilarious bug on PS5 and Xbox29 January 2024
Honkai Star Rail banner schedule - all current and next banners29 January 2024
Leaked Metro VR game could be compromised on Xbox, better on PS529 January 2024
Palworld trailers are packed with features missing from the Xbox hit29 January 2024
Rumored State of Play could be the best yet for PS5 players29 January 2024
Dragon's Dogma 2 leak suggests disappointing console performance29 January 2024
Next-gen Xbox could spell the end for physical discs26 January 2024
Horror game Until Dawn ripped from PS Store amid PS5 version rumors26 January 2024
New PlayStation Store sale slashes prices on these PS5 Batman games26 January 2024
Be the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League first season26 January 2024
Huge App Store shake-up could bring your Game Pass library to iPhone26 January 2024
I’m so ready for Suicide Squad to fill the Avengers void in my life25 January 2024
Don’t get too excited about this 'leaked' Xbox Elden Ring controller25 January 2024
Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra exits amid huge wave of Microsoft layoffs25 January 2024
PS Plus Extra and Premium games list - every game on the service25 January 2024
Well done COD players, MW3 is 50% less toxic according to Activision25 January 2024
Pokémon Company takes “appropriate measures” to investigate Palworld25 January 2024
The Finals is working on an “overhaul” for Recon Senses right now25 January 2024
The Callisto Protocol dev has a “brand new” UE5 game in the works25 January 2024
Until Dawn PS5 version could appear during rumored State of Play24 January 2024
Tekken 8 reviews praise the new “gold standard” for PS5 fighters24 January 2024
Helldivers 2 dev all but confirms you can name your ship on PS524 January 2024
Acclaimed Xbox exclusive Immortality is now on PS524 January 2024
New The Finals update clamps down on Turret mayhem24 January 2024
Palworld sales rocket past 7 million as PS5 release hopes soar24 January 2024
Fortnite OG to return in new separate mode, leaker claims24 January 2024
MW3 update reworks several Aftermarket Parts, so expect carnage23 January 2024
Death Stranding 2 announcement “imminent” as full title leaks23 January 2024
Meet Kai and Giatta, two Avowed companions I can’t wait to meet23 January 2024
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will arrive sooner than you think23 January 2024
Solid Snake drops into Fortnite, but Raiden is also along for the ride23 January 2024
Palworld on Xbox is clunky, ugly, and buggy - and I can’t stop playing22 January 2024
Hellblade 2 is tackling "all new" combat in the perfect way22 January 2024
“400 people” will start bringing The Witcher 4 to life this year22 January 2024
Final Fantasy 16 rumor may finally see Xbox players jive with Clive22 January 2024
Xbox's Sebile controller could give Avowed's combat the oomph it needs22 January 2024
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle looks dated, but I still can’t wait21 January 2024
PS Plus is removing the ultimate game for Tom Cruise fans soon21 January 2024
Xbox Game Pass reportedly passes 33 million subs, analyst claims21 January 2024
The Finals PS5 trophies prove you need to be a better team player21 January 2024
Xbox hit Palworld almost breaks Spider-Man 2 PS5 sales record21 January 2024
Suicide Squad game goes to the multiverse, whether you like it or not20 January 2024
Palworld multiplayer on Xbox has one big hurdle to overcome20 January 2024
Halo Infinite abandons new seasons as Xbox dev works on "new projects"20 January 2024
The biggest Xbox game at the Developer Direct is hiding in plain sight20 January 2024
You can vote on Payday 3's Xbox and PS5 future going forward20 January 2024
Xbox Developer Direct’s surprise game should’ve been Contraband19 January 2024
FC 24 TOTY revealed for PS5 and Xbox, and it won’t make you feel blue19 January 2024
Xbox's Indiana Jones game isn't as linear as it first seems19 January 2024
We need this gorgeous Avowed Xbox Series X wrap right now19 January 2024
Don't make me tap the value sign for Hellblade 2 on Xbox19 January 2024
Don't make this simple mistake before starting Palworld19 January 2024
PS Plus is losing 10 games in February, including this horror hit19 January 2024
MW3's most powerful attachment is as risky as it is rewarding19 January 2024
Get ready freedom fighters, Helldivers 2 has gone gold on PS519 January 2024
Sony saves PS5 owners $50 with The Last of Us 2 Remaster gesture19 January 2024
Xbox’s new Indiana Jones game is missing a core element18 January 2024
Here we go Xbox fans, the Hellblade 2 release date has been confirmed18 January 2024
Xbox-exclusive Avowed solves one of Skyrim’s biggest flaws18 January 2024
Bungie is finally letting you glow-up your Guardian in Destiny 218 January 2024
New Starfield update to roll out nearly 120 improvements on Xbox soon18 January 2024
Killzone wasn’t a Halo killer, but a PS5 remake could come close18 January 2024
PS5 exclusive Helldivers 2 feels like it was made for me18 January 2024
GTA Online’s Rockstar Editor gets cut, but only for PS4 and Xbox One18 January 2024
Xbox Free Play Days brings fighting game heat this week18 January 2024
This unexpected leaked MW3 crossover could be its best yet18 January 2024
Elden Ring DLC hype reaches new heights following YouTube update18 January 2024
New Microsoft Rewards upgrade doubles potential points on Xbox18 January 2024
New The Finals update accidentally ruins your aim on PS5 and Xbox18 January 2024
If Expeditions isn't on your PS5 and Xbox wishlist, it should be17 January 2024
MW3 Season 1 Reloaded just resurrected one of COD's sweatiest modes17 January 2024
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Reviews tip Palword to be “fantastic” Xbox Game Pass addition17 January 2024
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Your Baldur's Gate 3 saves have been, well, saved by new Xbox update17 January 2024
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PS5's lack of Ubisoft+ Premium is both frustrating and confusing16 January 2024
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This controversial PS5 and Xbox game is getting a movie spinoff16 January 2024
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This long-lost mode needs to return to Xbox’s Halo Infinite in 202416 January 2024
True horror royalty arrives on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus16 January 2024
Best PS5 SSD 2024: top PlayStation 5 storage drives16 January 2024
As a PS5 player, live service fatigue feels inevitable in 202415 January 2024
The evidence is piling up for a February Elden Ring DLC release date15 January 2024
Xbox's Halo battle royale reportedly axed, but Forge is to the rescue15 January 2024
You've got just 48 hours left to rinse PS Store's mega PS5 game sale15 January 2024
So T-Pain’s in GTA 6, but who else could Rockstar collab with?15 January 2024
The best Batman Arkham game still isn't on PS5, and that's a problem14 January 2024
The Joker is coming to the Suicide Squad game, with an exciting twist14 January 2024
Xbox's Contraband reportedly like this underrated Battlefield game14 January 2024
Gears of War Collection allegedly in testing phase for Xbox release14 January 2024
The Finals is still missing this awesome Call of Duty style skin14 January 2024
Smite 2 needs to kickstart a MOBA revolution on PS5 and Xbox14 January 2024
5 locations that would be great for new The Finals maps13 January 2024
MW3 Zombies might be culprit for canned COD Zombies standalone game13 January 2024
Smite 2 will help returning PS5 players get 50% of new rewards free13 January 2024
Could Starfield's "biggest update" lead into the Shattered Space DLC?13 January 2024
Suicide Squad KTJL waves goodbye to this core feature for PS5 and Xbox13 January 2024
Warzone just unvaulted this nightmare-fuel attachment on PS5 and Xbox12 January 2024
Why 343's next Halo Xbox game needs to be a return to ODST12 January 2024
This small Prince of Persia The Lost Crown feature has blown me away12 January 2024
Honkai Star Rail on PS5 has become my ultimate cozy game12 January 2024
New PS5 Slim plates rock, but Sony's customization lags behind Xbox12 January 2024
The Finals leak hints at electrifying new modifiers for PS5 and Xbox12 January 2024
FF16 on PS4 would’ve been ‘lower quality than FF15’, says Yoshi-P12 January 2024
Seth MacFarlane says Fortnite “budget” to blame for buff Peter Griffin12 January 2024
Here’s more evidence that Elden Ring DLC is destined for February12 January 2024
5 predictions for an Xbox Developer Direct curveball12 January 2024
8 games we want to see at PlayStation's rumored State of Play11 January 2024
Doom, Turok, and Red Dead combine in this chaotic new PS5 shooter11 January 2024
Sony accidentally reveals classic PS1 horror game for PS Plus Premium11 January 2024
FC 24 and, like, every other sports game are free on Xbox this weekend11 January 2024
Prepare to grind, MW3 Ranked Play begins soon on PS5 and Xbox11 January 2024
How Baldur's Gate 3's injection of humor elevated it to GOTY status11 January 2024
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Indiana Jones game name revealed? (And it's... not great)11 January 2024
This leaked DualSense V2 looks to solve PS5 players' biggest pet peeve11 January 2024
Best Xbox expansion cards 202411 January 2024
Best Xbox One accessories 202411 January 2024
Honkai Star Rail and Assassin's Creed devs must be cautious with AI10 January 2024
Xbox Game Pass and Palworld is a ludicrous yet perfect pairing10 January 2024
PS Plus January 2024 games include this chaotic open world banger10 January 2024
Xbox’s Indiana Jones game may release on this special milestone10 January 2024
BG3 is great, but Larian's next epic adventure should be an original10 January 2024
These leaked PlayStation stats explain Sony's live service obsession10 January 2024
Remedy’s new Control trademark is cause for celebration and concern10 January 2024
Earn top rewards in Suicide Squad KTJL without lifting a finger10 January 2024
PS5 State of Play rumored as Sony prepares Xbox Direct answer10 January 2024
PS5 players' wait for Helldivers 2 crossplay info is finally over9 January 2024
Pacific Drive is on course to be a haunting hidden gem for PS5 players9 January 2024
Dead by Daylight is in for a rude Alan Wake-ning on PS5 and Xbox9 January 2024
New Xbox Developer Direct looks even spicier than last year's9 January 2024
PlayStation's monthly active users is equal to the population of Japan9 January 2024
PS5 players rumored to get these two amazing Xbox exclusives soon9 January 2024
Sony CES showcase teases new PS5 game in blink-and-you-miss-it footage9 January 2024
Move over Baldur’s Gate 3, Halo Infinite is the new Xbox RPG in town8 January 2024
New PlayStation patent could get you playing mega-sized games quicker8 January 2024
Secret QR code in The Finals may hint at Embark's PS5 and Xbox future8 January 2024
Yes, PS Plus added $8,000 of games, but Xbox Game Pass still won 20238 January 2024
Mark your calendars, the best PS5 MMO finally has an Xbox beta date8 January 2024
Twenty-twenty foresight - I predict a big year for PS5 and Xbox8 January 2024
The best PS5 space games 20248 January 2024
New The Last of Us 2 remaster mode will be "stressful" for PS5 players7 January 2024
Seriously Sony, when are PS5 themes finally going to arrive?7 January 2024
This Xbox exclusive may go multiplatform, and it isn't Starfield7 January 2024
New PS5 RPG Exodus brings choices that will effect you for "centuries"7 January 2024
The Finals is "too much for the COD brain", shroud claims7 January 2024
The Finals merch needs to become a reality right now6 January 2024
Fortnite Festival may use classic Guitar Hero feature for new mode6 January 2024
Max Payne PS5 remake needs to include this great Rockstar easter egg6 January 2024
Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox bans lift as Microsoft is now "aware" of issue6 January 2024
New Apex Legends Twitch Drops aren't to be missed on PS5 and Xbox6 January 2024
New trademark suggests Lords of the Fallen is getting a deathly sequel6 January 2024
6 things you should do during the Destiny 2 content drought5 January 2024
The Finals will fix "pain points" in new PS5 and Xbox update very soon5 January 2024
Baldur's Gate 3's Xbox nudity bans are "annoying and uncool", says dev5 January 2024
PS Plus added 251 games worth up to $8,000 in 20235 January 2024
Project 007 may kick off "multiple" James Bond PS5 and Xbox games5 January 2024
Sony jumps the gun to confirm 2024 release windows for 3 big PS5 games5 January 2024
Get behind the wheel of these top Xbox racing games with up to 85% off5 January 2024
Xbox fans can experience FF7 Rebirth, thanks to Apex Legends4 January 2024
Hideo Kojima likens Xbox-exclusive OD to this radical 2003 game4 January 2024
MW3's Vortex mode tips a hat to this 15-year-old James Bond game4 January 2024
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown maxes out performance on PS5 and Xbox4 January 2024
The Suicide Squad game just got a really weird new PS5 trailer4 January 2024
This Xbox Series S toaster is a tasty way to invest your dough4 January 2024
Honkai Star Rail is set to (literally) change your perspective on PS53 January 2024
The Finals will refund Xbox and PS5 players that bought epic new skin3 January 2024
Did Starfield really just win the "Most Innovative Gameplay" award?3 January 2024
Xbox Game Pass January 2024 games include iconic horror classic3 January 2024
MultiVersus collab teases its PS5 and Xbox return, and we're lovin' it3 January 2024
XDefiant tackles final hurdles for launch on Xbox and PS53 January 2024
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Tekken 8 colorblind filter branded 'hazardous' by experts2 January 2024
These Baldur's Gate 3 cocktails taste just like your game should2 January 2024
Xbox Game Pass added 150 games worth $5,000 in 20232 January 2024
A new Horizon MMO is reportedly in the works, but PS5 may miss out2 January 2024
Rumored Xbox Achievement overhaul may shake up your hunt in 20242 January 2024
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