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Smite 2 will help returning PS5 players get 50% of new rewards free

Smite 2 is a great announcement for MOBA fans on PS5, but Titan Forge Games is making it worthwhile to for Smite veterans to return.

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Your dreams are coming true if you absolutely love Smite, as Titan Forge Games is bringing Smite 2 to PS5. An evolution of the already supremely popular MOBA title, Smite 2 is packing in a multitude of improvements to referesh the game’s enthralling skirmishes. Yet, if you’ve spent loads of Gems in the first game, it might feel like you’ve wasted them forever. Don’t worry, because you’ll be getting all of them back.

In a new Sony blog exploring the new PS5 game‘s announcement, Titan Forge Games explains, “we knew we needed to make a true sequel to Smite to bring the game into the PlayStation 5 era, but we had to do so in a way that respected our players.” To do that, Smite 2 will return “every Gem that you have spent in Smite, including free Gems” when you log in for the first time.

Furthermore, you can use these ‘Legacy Gems’ to “pay for up to 50% of most new purchases – things like skins, battle passes, and events.” Gems are often used to unlock new Gods and other cosmetics in Smite, so furnishing players with a plentiful stack of them is a pretty huge gesture from the developer. In an age where game currencies can get costly (don’t ask about our Fortnite lockers), this is a surefire way to roll out the red carpet for Smite fanatics.

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The freebies don’t end with Gems, though.  More rewards will be waiting for players through Smite 2’s Divine Legacy system, which is launching on January 23, 2024. The studio says that “this system analyzes your accomplishments and grants rewards like new Unreal [Engine] 5 versions of classic Smite skins – all free.” Not bad at all.

However, if you’re diving into Smite 2 for the first time, Titan Forge Games isn’t leaving you out completely: “If you’re new, don’t worry; you can still unlock all Divine Legacy rewards and a free unlimited Tier 5 skin of your choosing in Smite.” The path ahead for a successful launch is teeing up nicely, but if you can’t wait for the game’s release, you may actually be able to play it early.

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Head over to the official Smite 2 website and sign-up for the Smite 2 alpha, which is set to commence later this year. Though, if you still can’t wait to play something in the meantime, then here are all the free PS Plus games to keep you busy.