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Drop COD and nab this iconic FPS for $3 right now on PS5

Call of Duty owes everything to Quake, an iconic FPS game that is heavily discounted for PS5 players right now on the PlayStation Store.

An image of Quake on sale on PS5 on the PlayStation Store

Before you were stomping around in Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare 3, many fans of the FPS genre had cut their teeth in Quake. It may have been 27 years since the legendary iD Software shooter debuted, but a slick remaster brings the Doom successor up to scratch for modern times. And now, PS5 players can get hold of this superb game for an amazing price, but you need to act fast.

Yes, if you head over to the PlayStation Store on PS5 right now, you’ll see that Quake is currently on sale for $3.29/£2.63. That’s a massive 67% discount on one of the best FPS games of all time. It really isn’t hyperbolic to say that, either, as Quake sits well within the annals of FPS history. While its sequel is equally good, the first Quake just scratches an itch that most shooters fail to do these days. That’s because it has streamlined, nonsense gameplay that gets you straight into blistering battles against monsters in some of the coolest game environments around.

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Oh, and of course, we can’t forget that Quake is known for its reputation as one of the best multiplayer games in the genre too. We wouldn’t have MW3 multiplayer as we know it, or even fresh titles like The Finals, without the innovation of iD Software back in 1996. Doom made deathmatches popular before it, but Quake really expanded on what an FPS multiplayer game could be. One-on-one fights became increasingly popular, and Team Deathmatch really took off as Quake players unearthed just how expressive the game’s movement could be. Again, it reminds us a lot of what Embark Studios is doing with The Finals, another title which is breathing new life into the FPS scene

There are some caveats with Quake on PS5, though. Sadly, you won’t be able to access many of the game’s notable mods from its PC counterpart, but the refinements to Quake make it worth the extremely cheap price of admission. This new enhanced version of Quake includes 4K resolution and widescreen support, but the treats don’t end there. You can expect refreshed “models, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, [and] the original, atmospheric soundtrack and theme song by Trent Reznor.”

You have until Friday, January 5, 2024, to take advantage of this discount, so don’t hesitate while it’s available. While you are looking for fresh games to play, here are all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games on the horizon as the new year begins.