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8 games we want to see at PlayStation’s rumored State of Play

From bold new PS5 releases to mysterious teases, all eyes are on PlayStation to deliver exciting reveals at its rumored State of Play 2024 event.

PS5 State of Play 2024 predictions: Aloy from the Horizon series standing in awe at the center of the image, with Wolverine leaping on the right and a PlayStation logo on the left, all placed on a blue PlayStation-themed background.

With Xbox’s Developer Direct promising news on some of team green’s biggest upcoming releases, PlayStation’s rumored State of Play 2024 needs to offer up some steep competition if it wants to win. We expect to see upcoming releases like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Tekken 8, and one last push for Helldivers 2 and Pacific Drive, but what astounding announcements could be in store? We put our heads together to come up with eight PS5 games and other reveals we want to see in the showcase, from Horizon’s mysterious multiplayer project, to Wolverine, and much, much more.

2023 was an outstanding year for the PS5 with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 blowing us all away, the surprising God of War Valhalla free update, some brief and accidental Baldur’s Gate 3 console exclusivity, and more. However, PlayStation will have a lot more competition in 2024 with several intriguing Xbox exclusives lined up to steal the limelight – many of which will be showcased at the Xbox Developer Direct. With the PS5 State of Play 2024 rumor doing the rounds, there’s no better time to fantasize about all the new PS5 games on the way, or even the Xbox exclusives rumored to jump to PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima 2

Ever since the launch of the critically acclaimed samurai action-adventure Ghost of Tsushima in 2020, Sucker Punch Productions has been oddly quiet besides the PS5 port of the game which coincided with the Iki Island DLC. Over three years on, we’re all wondering what’s next for Sucker Punch.

Is it finally time to return to Infamous more than a decade on from Second Son or, more likely, will it be Ghost of Tsushima 2? So far, there’s not even been the faintest whisper surrounding a sequel, making its possible reveal at PlayStation State of Play 2024 the perfect home run.

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Following the disastrous ransomware attack on Insomniac, details on the Wolverine PS5 game are already out in the wild. This, plus the confirmation from Insomniac that Wolverine will continue as planned, there’s certainly potential for PlayStation to at least drop a tidbit on its next superhero exclusive.

Though we don’t expect to see any gameplay quite yet, a teaser trailer or full cinematic trailer is on the cards. Whatever it may be, we couldn’t be more excited for some Wolverine action.

Horizon multiplayer

Like Sucker Punch, we’re not quite sure what Guerrilla Games’ next project is. Nevertheless, after several leaks, we know that both a Horizon MMO and a Horizon multiplayer game are reportedly in the works, and given how synonymous Horizon’s universe and Aloy has become to the PlayStation brand, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some news on what’s next for this franchise.

The Horizon MMO, purportedly titled ‘Land of Salvation’ and developed by Guild Wars 2 studio NCSoft in Unreal Engine 5, certainly sounds like a brave new direction for the series. Likewise, an official reveal of this Horizon multiplayer project being developed by Guerilla itself would be a great announcement for State of Play 2024. With Sony’s live service ambitions having fallen flat, such a reveal would certainly reinvigorate fans hoping for more multiplayer PS5 exclusives. For more on this topic, find out how these leaked PlayStation stats explain Sony’s live service obsession.

Again though, we don’t expect to see any gameplay or substantial reveals on either of these Horizon multiplayer projects as they are undoubtedly a long way off.

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Concord is a vibrant sci-fi multiplayer FPS from Firework Studios, designed exclusively for PS5 and PC. From what we’ve seen so far – which is very little – we’re eager to learn more. One glimpse at the visual design in its announcement trailer and you’ll know what we mean – look at that sweet, sweet analog technology and glorious lighting.

Initially revealed in May 2023, there’s a high chance that we’ll be seeing more of Concord at State of Play 2023. The last official line from Sony was that it’s slated for a 2024 release, so if that’s still the case we need to hear or see something about it soon. Gameplay, ideally. Nevertheless, like the rumored Horizon multiplayer game, Concord is key to Sony’s multiplayer ambitions going forward so a standout showcase for Concord would certainly do it some good.

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Square Enix’s ‘we’ve got Splatoon at home’ multiplayer FPS Foamstar, exclusive to PS4 and PS5, is also long overdue for some updates. This 4v4 online party shooter echoes Splatoon’s iconic paint-splattering mayhem using foam, and while it is undoubtedly derivative, it still looks like a blast.

Also announced in May 2023 with a flashy trailer – although we did get a good look at gameplay with this one, unlike Concord – we’ll likely find out the release date for this foam-filled FPS.


Mysteriously revealed in blink-and-you-miss-it footage at Sony CES 2024, we’re hoping to finally hear what the future holds for Patapon. What exactly is a Patapon, you ask? Well, Patapon is a PSP classic that puts a unique spin on the rhythm game genre by weaving in elements of strategy titles. After two more titles and under-the-radar PS4 remasters, this series has seemingly vanished – until a few seconds of development footage randomly appeared during Sony’s CES showcase.

Though it’s currently unclear as to whether this is a remake, remaster, or entirely new entry, it’s the first time we’ve seen Sony acknowledge Patapon in quite some time. With a State of Play looming, it’s almost as if the stars have aligned to finally see what’s happening with this long-lost incredible series.

Silent Hill 2

In a recent (and now-deleted) blog post, PlayStation did a slight oopsie by including the highly-anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake – which is yet to have a firm release date – in a round up of 2024 releases. With this blunder in mind, it sounds like perfect timing for Bloober Team’s reimagining of one of the best horror games of all time to get shown off. We’re expecting at least a short teaser for the title, giving us a terrifying glimpse into what awaits us. If we’re lucky, we might even get a release date or window to mark down on our calendars.

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MGS Delta/MGS3 remake

Having accidentally reported a 2024 release window for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater in the same problematic blog post, we think it’s high time PlayStation and Konami gave us a good look at the exciting remake of one of the best games of all time. With a stunning in-engine glimpse back in October 2023, there’s scope for a full gameplay showcase of this anticipated stealth game. Although Kojima is no longer involved with the Metal Gear series, we’re hoping the iconic experience will be intact and, ideally, elevated even further in this remake.

Guess the next TV and film adaptation

With the roaring success of HBO’s The Last of Us series on course for its second season, Sony is no doubt looking for more IPs to bring into the limelight of the non-gaming crowd; it’s a move that’s been happening across the gaming space with the likes of the Mario Movie, Halo TV show, and upcoming Borderlands movie.

As for the candidates, we’re hoping to finally hear what’s going on with Destiny. It’s been nearly three years since Bungie announced it would be expanding the Destiny universe into other mediums. With Sony’s current push for film and TV projects and Destiny 2 currently in a dry spell, what better way to reignite the player base – and hopefully grow it – than by revealing a new Destiny live-action or anime TV show or film?

Other than Destiny, we know there are currently God of War and Horizon series in the works, both of which are currently in the script-writing stage as confirmed by Sony at CES 2024. While it’s evidently still early in the process for these titles, we could potentially get a name-drop or brief overview of the story given they’re based on established franchises.

While we’d love to see some of these wild predictions come true, it’s oddly better to be completely blindsided by announcements at events like State of Play – nothing beats a brand-new game you never knew you needed. With PlayStation’s monthly active users equal to the population of Japan, it’s safe to say that there will be a lot of gamers hungry to find out what 2024 has in store.