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Sony CES showcase teases new PS5 game in blink-and-you-miss-it footage

Footage of a currently unannounced PlayStation game was surprisingly slipped into Sony’s CES showcase, and PSP enjoyers have reason to be excited.

PS5 Patapon remake revealed PSP: A character from Patapon walking to the right, with a colorful PlayStation logo and blurred image of the game in the background.

Showcasing the power of its Torchlight initiative during CES 2024, Sony has off-handedly revealed PSP classic Patapon is being either revived or remade, potentially for the PS5. Originally developed for the PSP in 2007, Patapon is an endearing rhythm strategy game that would see two more entries before mysteriously vanishing (unless you include the under-the-radar PS4 remasters). Since then, we all thought PlayStation had forgotten about this unique rhythm game, though this showcase suggests this might not be the case.

Though Patapon has passed many people by, it’s got a fervent audience that has been eagerly awaiting a PS5 release. If this short snippet revealed at CES comes to fruition, then Patapon of all things could soon become one of the most exciting new PS5 games given its long absence. Who knows, it could also stack up against the best PS5 games too.

During CES 2024, Sony presented a trailer for Torchlight, which is “a unique blend of technologists and creatives” created to realize filmmakers’ visions. Surprisingly, however, Andy Davis, President of Columbia Pictures, states during the trailer “[Torchlight] is working with animation, marketing, television, [and] PlayStation”, at which point a snippet of Patapon gameplay and development footage is showcased alongside the text ‘IP development gaming/anime’. That’s right, after seemingly vanishing to the back of Sony’s storeroom, Patapon could potentially be making a return.

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However, it’s currently unclear how Patapon could make a return. Since Patapon 1 and 2 have both been remastered, there’s potential for the third entry to be remastered at long last. With that said, that would be rather unceremonious given its suggested link to Torchlight. Given this, there’s also potential for this to be a brand-new Patapon game, especially with the radically altered art style we get a glimpse at.

It’s currently unclear who is developing this Patapon project, though we know it’s at least in part collaboration with Torchlight, likely working on the more cinematic aspects of the project such as cutscenes or trailers given its roots in filmmaking. With the reveal also mentioning anime alongside gaming IP development, you could even theorize an anime spinoff, though that would be quite the surprise reveal for this largely forgotten IP.

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While a new Patapon game would be exciting, fans of the series won’t totally miss out if it doesn’t come to fruition. Successfully crowd-funded in 2023, Ratatan is a spiritual successor to Patapon from the masterminds behind the original series. Nevertheless, there’s evidently fervor for more Patapon action, with Ratatan earning over ten times its goal on Kickstarter – perhaps Sony has caught wind and decided it is time for Patapon on PS5.

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