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Xbox hit Palworld almost breaks Spider-Man 2 PS5 sales record

Palworld is taking the world by storm, as the new Xbox game continues to sell copies exceptionally fast, almost breaking this PS5 record.

An image of Palworld and Spider-Man 2 on Xbox and PS5

There’s only one game you should be prioritizing right now on Xbox, and that’s the breakout hit Palworld. You’ll have likely seen its wild monsters toting AK-47s, and the simple concept of ‘Pokemon with guns’ is clearly enough to shift copies. Following the game’s debut on Xbox and PC storefronts, developer Pocket Pair confirms that the game has sold over 3 million copies.

This follows a prior announcement of passing the 2 million copies mark within 24 hours on Saturday, January 20, 2024. Now, just short of two days later, Pocket Pair expresses on its official Discord server that “Palworld has sold over 3 million copies in 40 hours since release […] we are so overwhelmed but also encouraged by this incredible accomplishment.”

Given that the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, it is likely a large percentage of these sales come primarily from the Steam and Epic Games Store. Nevertheless, this moment for Palworld isn’t to be scoffed at, considering it almost beat Spider-Man 2‘s own sales record. One of the best PS5 games of last year, Spider-Man 2 managed to clear over 2.5 million PS5 copies within 24 hours, and over 5 million in ten days. It is Sony’s fastest-selling first-party title in PS5 history.

Palworld sales: An image of the Palworld Discord confirming 3 million copies sold

Though Palworld only just missed out on clearing Spider-Man 2’s 24-hour record, there is time for it to overcome its ten-day sales figures. Palworld’s immediate surge in popularity is impressive, but whether it can sustain this momentum is unclear. The Xbox version of the game doesn’t share parity with the PC iteration, specifically when it comes to Palworld multiplayer.

Palworld’s open-world allows up to 32 players to roam around in the PC version, compared to the meager 4-player functionality found on Xbox Series X|S. While this might be disappointing for Xbox owners, Pocket Pair is working toward improving its Xbox multiplayer capabilities.

This will begin with dedicated servers in the future, a feature that is currently absent. Regardless of its shortcomings, the coming months are going to be very telling as to whether Palworld’s appeal is genuine, or a fluke. Could a Palworld PS5 release be on the cards? Given that Pocket Pair’s last game, Craftopia, was an Xbox exclusive too, it isn’t looking good on that front.

An image of Spider-Man 2: Insomniac Games confirms 2.5 million PS5 sales

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