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Walter White and Kratos among most-cursed custom Tekken 8 characters

From Kratos, to Peter Griffin, to Luffy, Tekken 8’s character customization features are already being rinsed in the new PS5 and Xbox fighting game.

Tekken 8 characters custom creator: Monkey D. Luffy, recreated in-game, punching towards the camera. Mr. X and Caillou are placed around the central figure.

Tekken 8 is off to a great start, with long-time fans enjoying the expansive roster and wild story, while newcomers are treated to some of the best tutorials and training the genre has to offer. However, the improved Tekken 8 characters creator might just be its best feature. Its character creator has already led to some truly cursed creations on PS5 and Xbox.

Tekken 8’s bombastic roster of fighters and slick controls are steering it towards a spot on our best fighting games list, but its character creator shouldn’t be overlooked. Letting you pit the likes of Peter Griffin against Kratos to see who would come out on top in a 1v1, it’s one of the most absurd games on PS5 and Xbox right now.

While character customization was introduced long ago with Tekken 5, the latest entry in the iconic series has taken things up a notch and players have certainly taken advantage of it. Reddit user ‘GJTobi’ has given Bryan Fury a makeover to create science-teacher-turned-drug-dealer Walter White, and Raven into the one and only Gus Fring. That’s right, Heisenburg and Gus can settle the score once and for all in the Tekken 8 arena.

Tekken 8 custom characters: Jack-8 as Peter Griffin, holding a massive weapon by his side.

Even more cursed than that, however, is Jack-8 as Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Holding a massive weapon by his side and muscle bursting through his iconic white shirt, this is certainly a more buff Peter than usual. On the other hand, another player turned Jack into the terrifying Mr. X from Resident Evil, which is much more fitting for the original fighter, yet equally cursed.

Sk3ley’ faithfully recreated the Strawhat Pirates from One Piece, with Luffy leading the charge in his titular straw hat. ‘Pinelotiile’ offers up a custom Leo as a pre-time-skip Luffy too, boasting a much more toned-down physique that fits the start of the King of Pirate’s journey.

Tekken 8 custom characters: Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney recreated in Tekken 8, assuming a fighting pose.

Debating in court is a long and arduous process, so it’s no surprise that Phoenix Wright and co. from Ace Attorney decided to take matters into their own hands. Well, that’s what ‘RIPMrMufasi’ would have you believe, at least. Recreating the excellent attorneys, you can now deliver a much more painful ‘Objection!’ than ever before.

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Even PlayStation itself has joined in on the fun, creating several iconic videogame characters, including ones from PS5 exclusives. From The Last of Us’ Joel and Ellie, to Kratos and Lara Croft, there are more cursed customization options than you can count, letting you dominate the arena in… style. Well, that depends on who you ask. Nevertheless, creating absurd custom characters has made Tekken 8 a hit new PS5 game and new Xbox game already, making the expansive roster feel even more diverse.