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Reviews tip Palword to be “fantastic” Xbox Game Pass addition

Get a peek-a-chu at Palworld before it launches on Xbox Game Pass, as early reviews praise its strange ‘Pokémon with guns’ premise.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see Charizard blasting away other species with an Uzi, well, you can’t do that. Though, you can get pretty close in Palworld, the upcoming Pokémon-style title from developer Pocket Pair, Inc. It is a pretty odd concept, giving these cute beasties guns, and you might be wondering if it’s actually any good. Well, early Palworld reviews are emerging, and there are some positive signs of life already.

According to Eurogamer’s Zoe Delahunty-Light, the forthcoming Xbox Game Pass title “is a fantastic base-builder, base defense, and collection game, and as long as you’re not expecting more than that, you’re bound to have a great time with it.” The game is currently in early access, and the review notes the game’s launch state can be privy to some annoying bugs and issues. Furthermore, Pure Xbox’s Craig Reid hones in on just how fun Palworld can be – when it isn’t getting in the way of itself.

Reid expresses that “the joy you get from adventuring further away from camp with every expedition to spot new Pals captures the excitement of Pokémon but in a fresh new way.” Aside from capturing new monsters and exploring its open world, there is an element of crafting and base-building in Palworld, but it isn’t exactly up to snuff with many of the best RPG games out there.

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Additionally, Reid believes that the crafting aspect of Palworld can be “somewhat awkward in areas”, but is optimistic it will get better with time and future updates.

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In GamingBolt’s coverage of Palworld, Ravi Sinha clarifies the game’s premise “is not quite as over-the-top, at least not from the outset.” Though you can demolish other Pals with a multitude of guns, we don’t think you’ll be reaching levels of monstrous gore seen in creature ripping games like DOOM Eternal.

Nevertheless, we think there is going to be plenty of fun in its absurd premise, and it won’t be long before wild clips emerge from this new Xbox game.

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Before it does arrive on Microsoft’s ever-growing subscription service and gives it a welcome injection of lunacy, here are all the best Xbox Game Pass games currently available. Maybe, just maybe, Palworld will earn a spot on that list soon.