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Horror game Until Dawn ripped from PS Store amid PS5 version rumors

Rumors of a PS5 upgrade of Until Dawn appearing at State of Play are supported by the disappearance of the PS4 version.

Until Dawn PS5: An image of Hayden Panetierre.

With the Xbox Developer Direct igniting the fires of Microsoft, it surely won’t be long before Sony responds with a new State of Play showcase. The rumored Until Dawn PS5 remaster/upgrade could debut there, and we reckon Supermassive Games is hiding it up its sleeves. That’s because the PS4 version of the acclaimed horror game is beginning to disappear from the PlayStation Store in different regions of the world.

Until Dawn isn’t just an excellent PlayStation exclusive, but it stands tall as one of the best horror games available – if you can play it, that is. As spotted by ‘HypeYourGames’ on social media, the PS4 version of Until Dawn is currently available in the PlayStation Store. This applies to several regions, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia. While this may be an error on Sony’s side, it is strange timing given that Supermassive Games is yet to officially confirm the existence of a PS5 remaster.

We previously reported on the alleged Until Dawn PS5 version, which is rumored to have been in development for the past year. In that time, the studio has released The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, while working on Little Nightmares 3 and an upcoming Dead by Daylight spin-off, The Casting of Frank Stone. Additionally, we know that work is underway for the next Dark Pictures Anthology entry, Directive 8020, which was teased at the end of The Devil In Me.

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If a PS5 makeover for Until Dawn is coming, then it could be a while before it arrives. When it does emerge, the most likely enhancements, speculatively, are going to target the game’s resolution/frame rate and implement haptic feedback/adaptive trigger support. We’d like to see some tweaks to the game’s user interface and camera, both of which have seen positive changes in later installments of the Dark Pictures franchise.

Little Hope was the first entry to pivot to a traditional third-person camera, with this approach carrying over to House of Ashes too. It could be a little less awkward to wield, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Until Dawn PS5: An image of Until Dawn on the PlayStation Store.

Until Dawn’s PS5 revamp is allegedly going to feature beside new Death Stranding 2 footage at Sony’s rumored State of Play presentation. Before it gets confirmed, here are our predictions for the games we want to see.