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Death Stranding 2 announcement “imminent” as full title leaks

A prominent leaker claims that DS2 will be titled Death Stranding 2: On the Beach and that PS5 players will learn more about it very soon.

Death Stranding 2 On the Beach: Sam Porter Bridges bare chested and with long gray hair. A red playstation logo is next to him

A prominent videogame leaker has revealed the name of Death Stranding 2, and claims that new information around Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited PS5 sequel will be arriving “imminently”. According to ‘billbil-kun’, who has a reliable track record when it comes to leaking details and release dates about upcoming games, the full title will be Death Stranding 2: On the Beach.

The original Death Stranding was one of the best PS4 games when it launched, and the enhanced Director’s Cut version made it one of the best PS5 games too. Fans of creator Hideo Kojima hoped to see Death Stranding 2 appear at The Game Awards in December 2023, given its initial reveal trailer debuted at the Geoff Keighley-hosted show in 2022. However, Kojima instead showcased his upcoming horror game OD (which is set to be an Xbox exclusive), alongside a cameo from film director Jordan Peele. Now though, it seems the wait for more information on Death Stranding is nearly over.

Set to be one of the top new PS5 exclusives of the next couple of years, billbil-kun estimates that we will hear more about DS2 “within the next 15 days”. billbil-kun doesn’t explicitly say how or where the news will be shared, but with rumors swirling that a new State of Play showcase from Sony is coming soon, that would be the ideal place to show a new trailer or gameplay footage of Death Stranding 2 if it materializes.

The most intriguing part about billbil-kun’s report for DealLabs is that the full title of the game is Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. No, protagonist Sam Porter Bridges is not off to Mexico for an all-inclusive holiday. This is clearly referring to the multiversal purgatory between the living realm and the afterlife in the first Death Stranding, which is known as the Beach.

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Seeing as the reveal trailer for the game was called ‘Death Stranding 2: Working Title’, an extended title such as ‘On the Beach’ is not far fetched at all. Given this leaker’s strong track record, and the plausibility of both a new announcement and the alleged title, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if this leak did come true.

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It’s been well over 12 months since Death Stranding 2 was revealed, and while Kojima is juggling the PlayStation-exclusive sequel alongside Xbox-exclusive OD, it’s about the right time to hear more.

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