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Bungie is finally letting you glow-up your Guardian in Destiny 2

Before The Final Shape arrives, Bungie has announced that you’ll finally be able to change the way your Guardian looks in Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox.

Destiny 2 character customization update: A Titan lunging forward with their flaming hammer, set against a blurred background of the character customization screen split vertically between two instances.

Destiny 2 has been out for nearly seven years now and in that time there’s a good chance you’ve come to regret the very first decision you made – creating your character. Whether you made a cold and calculated Exo and want to tone it down or a plain old human and want to spice things up, we’ve been forced to stick with our decision. But that’s finally about to change. The latest This Week in Destiny blog post has just revealed that a new Destiny 2 character customization feature is on the way, just in time for The Final Shape expansion on PS5 and Xbox.

Our Guardian has seen a lot over the years in Destiny 2, from slaying a super-powered Cabal to toppling gods, and yet in that time, they’ve not once been able to change their appearance. Sure, the best Destiny 2 Titan build, Warlock build, and Hunter build will change your armor setup, but your character’s physical appearance underneath the metal has always been set in stone – but no more!

As confirmed by Bungie in the latest This Week in Destiny blog, a new character customization feature will be implemented to the main menu in an update before the release of The Final Shape release date on PS5 and Xbox. “To do so, you’ll only need to launch Destiny 2 and you’ll notice a new option when you hover over a character at the character selection screen”, the post explains.

Destiny 2 character customization update: A female Awoken in the character customization screen.

There is, however, an unfortunate catch. While you will be able to modify the appearance of your Guardians at any time, changing body type, face, hair, and markings, you won’t be able to change your character’s race. Thankfully, with no limit to the number of changes or cost involved to do so, you can at least customize your appearance as much as you’d like.

To go along with this, in a March update Bungie notes it will be resetting the Synthwave bounty cap for armor transmog “to give everyone even more opportunities to customize their look when this feature goes live”. In other words, you’ll be able to earn a fresh batch of transmog materials before The Final Shape.

“We hope being able to customize your characters freely will help you refine – or redefine – your beloved Guardians for years to come”, Bungie explains.

So, if you want to change up your Guardian’s look before taking down the Witness in The Final Shape, you can finally do just that. Given this expansion is set to conclude the Light and Darkness saga, it’s possible that the timely introduction of new feature points towards more cutscenes involving our character – possibly even breaking their silence more frequently than in past updates.

Destiny 2 character customization update: Draft concept art for the Festival of the Lost wizard armor.

With the amazing Festival of the Lost armor concept art also revealed in this blog, you might even want to give your character a more wizened look to match your wizard attire or a haunting setup for your witchy getup.

Destiny 2 character customization update: Draft concept art for the Festival of the Lost witch armor.

Whatever you decide to do with your newfound powers come The Final Shape, we’re hoping for an epic conclusion to this decade-long narrative in one of the best FPS games. It’s certainly a popular request from the community and is cause for celebration. It’s also a nice palette cleanser after this shocking and depressing Destiny 2 content vault milestone came to light recently.