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We need this gorgeous Avowed Xbox Series X wrap right now

Avowed’s stunning new key art would be incredible as an Xbox Series X wrap. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

Avowed Xbox skin: A blurred custom Avowed Xbox Series X console and controller with a green question mark placed on top and a heart-eyed emoji to the right.

At the Xbox Developer Direct event yesterday, we got our first deep dive into Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed. Despite the beautiful fantasy setting and diverse combat, the Avowed promotional art seems to have wowed everyone the most, with its detailed and vibrant skeleton enveloped by nature. It was only a matter of time before someone would turn this artwork into a stunning Avowed Xbox Series X console skin – though we weren’t expecting it to be this soon.

With over seven minutes of gameplay, including combat and questing, Obsidian’s Avowed is shaping up to be a great Xbox exclusive – even if Indiana Jones and the Great Circle stole the show. Whether it will go down in the annals as one of the best RPG games or not, Avowed will certainly be remembered for its incredible artwork.

Posted on Twitter, streamer and graphic artist Rafael Paganotti has created a mockup of a custom Avowed Xbox skin for the Series X using the eye-catching artwork revealed at the end of the gameplay demo. With the skeleton adorning the front of the console and the title on the left panel, it’s safe to say that the concept needs to become a reality right away. Paganotti also designed an Avowed controller to go along with it which looks equally amazing, making the best Xbox controller even better thanks to its new look.

Avowed Xbox Series X skin: A custom Avowed skin for an Xbox Series X console.

Given Avowed is one of the biggest new Xbox games coming in 2024 – and hopefully one of the best Xbox games too – it’s possible that a custom Xbox Series X is in the works. However, given Starfield, arguably the most important Xbox exclusive of recent years, did not receive a special or limited-edition console, we’re not betting on it. Rather, what’s much more likely is that Avowed and other Xbox exclusives like Indiana Jones will receive console wraps and a proper special edition controller instead.

Microsoft unveiled the new console wraps line with Starfield, offering tailor-made fabric panels that wrap around your Xbox Series X console. With it’s not quite the same as a custom console, they are nonetheless convenient ways of getting a stunning new console design at a fraction of the cost.

Whether Avowed gets a full special edition console and controller or wrap, we hope it takes inspiration from the jaw-dropping artwork revealed during the Xbox Developer Direct.

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