April 2021 Archive

Fortnite players are using Neymar's challenges to farm kills30 April 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 53% on the Logitech G533 wireless headset30 April 2021
We're giving away a RuneScape King Black Dragon building blocks set!30 April 2021
Apex Legends’ new bow turns the battle royale into a rhythm game29 April 2021
Neon Beasts' developer wants to recapture the heart of classic demo discs29 April 2021
League of Legends has a new song to celebrate MSI 202129 April 2021
SolaFide owner banned from Riot events over non-payment of LoL team29 April 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone devs are planning to rebalance the CR-56 AMAX28 April 2021
Rocket League update: what do the latest patch notes say?28 April 2021
Fortnite's new Unstable Bow fires a mystery projectile28 April 2021
Pokémon GO developer teases Meloetta's release at GO Fest 202128 April 2021
You can now Bash animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla27 April 2021
President Ishihara Pokémon card sells for $250,00026 April 2021
The best AK74U Warzone loadout26 April 2021
Valorant map Breeze allows "different weapons and agents to shine"23 April 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 41% on WD_Black NVMe SSDs23 April 2021
Adler Intel contracts: How to complete the Hunt for Adler Warzone challenges23 April 2021
League of Legends ranked AFKers can now be locked out for 14 days22 April 2021
Apex Legends Arenas gameplay trailer is coming soon22 April 2021
G2's Yuli on leaving LEC refereeing behind: "this time I get to cheer for somebody"22 April 2021
ALGS caster Falloutt on the successes and failures of Apex Legends esports so far22 April 2021
Only Black Ops Cold War guns will appear in Warzone Season 3 loot pool22 April 2021
Warzone Season 3 update nerfs the FFAR, M16, Sykov, and more22 April 2021
Black Ops Cold War Season 3 weapon buffs and nerfs21 April 2021
How a notorious subreddit got an innocent Twitch streamer unbanned after 21 months21 April 2021
PUBG 2 is a direct sequel and will be "grounded in realism"21 April 2021
Black Ops Cold War Season 3 update could have big impact on the CDL21 April 2021
Rocket League players report more problems with Neon Fields arena21 April 2021
You can no longer spam reports to harm someone's PUBG reputation21 April 2021
PUBG's upcoming changes are designed to tackle bridge trolling21 April 2021
Legends of Runeterra World Championship to kick off in September20 April 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 map changes20 April 2021
Horizon Zero Dawn is now free on PlayStation, Sony teases "more to come"20 April 2021
Warzone Season 3 event time and what to expect20 April 2021
The Sykov has been nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone already20 April 2021
Warzone Season 3 will feature six new Black Ops Cold War weapons19 April 2021
Apex Legends Mobile will be a "new game," and won't have crossplay19 April 2021
EA's head of broadcast on taking "calculated risks" with Apex Legends esports coverage19 April 2021
MAD Lions coach Mac: “I think teenage me would be gobsmacked”17 April 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 26% on this Elgato Wave:3 streaming mic16 April 2021
The best Sykov Warzone loadout16 April 2021
How to unlock the Sykov pistol in Call of Duty: Warzone15 April 2021
Guild Esports is biding time to get "S-tier" expansion right15 April 2021
Xbox drift law firm explains why it's buying people's controllers15 April 2021
The numbers behind Ludwig’s record-breaking Twitch Subathon14 April 2021
OWL stars open up about their experiences with social media14 April 2021
Overwatch League players hope Blizzard can find an alternative to MVP skins14 April 2021
Toronto Ultra coach MarkyB on turning a struggling team into CDL Major winners14 April 2021
You can now save PS5 games to external USB drives13 April 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone developer bans 50,000 cheaters this week13 April 2021
Fornite 2FA: what is it and how to enable it12 April 2021
10 million players have pre-registered for PUBG: New State9 April 2021
Deal of the week: save up to 33% on the Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse9 April 2021
Rocket League bug results in players getting nothing from loot drops8 April 2021
Deathloop delayed until September 20218 April 2021
The best ZRG Warzone loadout8 April 2021
The best Aetherium Crystals upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies8 April 2021
ALGS commissioner John Nelson on the past, present, and future of Apex Legends esports8 April 2021
Blue Box Game Studios denies being Hideo Kojima in disguise8 April 2021
Kar98k no glint sniper loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone8 April 2021
How to set up split-screen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War8 April 2021
A 16-year-old Star Wars game is now playable in 4K on PS57 April 2021
Overwatch Archives event 2021: new challenges, skins, and more7 April 2021
Buy a Tfue NFT and you could go jet skiing with him7 April 2021
Street Fighter 5 Spring Update reveals Oro's new moves and new character Akira7 April 2021
MAD Lions' Mac: "I want us to chase League of Legends perfection"6 April 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone update nerfs the FFAR and AUG6 April 2021
E3 2021 will be a free, "all-virtual" event6 April 2021
Apex Legends players are facing a bug that resets all their progress6 April 2021
Exomecha release date and latest news6 April 2021
Why Spellbreak’s developers want a ranked mode that rewards performance, not results5 April 2021
FIFA 21 needs to add mascots4 April 2021
Tetris Effect kept me connected during lockdown3 April 2021
WePlay Ultimate Fighting League is on a mission to elevate fighting game esports1 April 2021
Fortnite releases skin inspired by "stonks" meme1 April 2021
Pokimane’s Twitch mods estimate 350,000 users are banned from her chat1 April 2021