How to unlock the Sykov pistol in Call of Duty: Warzone

The scary pistol can be unlocked with a simple challenge

A player reloading the Sykov pistol in Warzone

It’s been rumoured ever since it mistakenly appeared in loot crates earlier this year, but now the Sykov pistol is officially in Call of Duty: Warzone as part of the Modern Warfare arsenal of weapons.

While a pistol usually wouldn’t be too much to get excited about, the attachments you can bolt on the Sykov have got players predicting it will become the best secondary in the game. It could even take on some of the best Warzone guns full stop. So what makes the Sykov so terrifying?

Well, for a start it can become a dual-wield akimbo weapon – and if you look back at some of Warzone’s most broken guns, dual pistols feature more than once. The Sykov is also capable of being fully automatic and can have an 80-round magazine attached to it. Yep, 80 rounds. Fully automatic. And akimbo. That’s a hell of a combination.

But how do you get your hands on this potentially overpowered pistol and see for yourself if the horror stories are true?

Sykov Warzone unlock method

There is a challenge you’ll need to complete to unlock the Sykov pistol and have it ready to use in Warzone.

It’s a relatively simple one: get four kills with pistols in five separate matches. This can be achieved either in Warzone or Modern Warfare.

We suggest completing it in the latter, as it will be much quicker and easier as you’ll need to completely finish a match for your progress to count. Quitting a game before it ends or you die will see progress for that match lost.

sykov challenge progress lost

In the hours after its release on April 15, players are reporting that progress towards the Sykov unlock challenge is not being counted. This is either due to a bug, or the pistol being released too early.

We will update this section once the bug with the challenge is resolved.