Kar98k no glint sniper loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone

A new no glint bug is affecting Modern Warfare-era weapons in Warzone

An operator in a checked shirt runs with a brown sniper rifle in his hands

Ever since the integration of Black Ops Cold War weapons into Call of Duty: Warzone, bugged attachments have been a reoccurring issue in the battle royale game. One of the worst attachment bugs to date was that most Cold War long-range optics would not show a glint when aiming down sights, meaning an enemy could be locked on to you without you ever being able to see them.

Following the most recent update to Warzone, which aimed to once again nerf the AUG and the FFAR 1, the bug has returned – but this time affecting Modern Warfare-era sniper scopes instead. This means that the most popular and arguably best sniper Warzone has to offer – the Kar98k – can now be run with a high-zoom scope with zero glint.

The bug was uncovered and extensively tested by YouTuber ‘JGOD’, who took various Modern Warfare sniper builds into Warzone, and let players kill him while ADSing. On reviewing the enemy player’s kill cam, he could determine whether or not a scope would show glint or not.

Warzone no glint sniper scope

There is one sniper scope attachment that JGOD has found to have no glint in Warzone following the latest patch: the Variable Zoom Scope.

While ADSing with a Variable Zoom Scope attached to any Modern Warfare weapon, no glint will show up for enemy players.

This will affect weapons like the HDR, Rytec AMR, and crucially the very popular Kar98k – all of which can have the Variable Zoom Scope attached. While using low-magnification optics would allow you to snipe away with no glint beforehand, this bug now means you can get even better zoom without your location being revealed.

Kar98k no glint Warzone loadout

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Singuard Custom 27.6 Barrel
  • Variable Zoom Scope
  • FTAC Sport Comb Stock
  • Granulated Grip Tape

For a long-range no glint Kar98k build, you of course need the Variable Zoom Scope. However, this will impact your ADS speed, so attaching the FTAC Sport Comb stock is a must to counteract that.

This in turn will bring down your aiming stability – which is important for any long-distance sniper. Popping on the Granulated Grip Tape should solve that though as it offers a boost to aiming stability.

Similarly to our best Kar98k loadout, we recommend pairing this with a close-range shredder. Our builds of the MAC-10 or the FFAR should do the trick.

For perks, go for Cold Blooded, Overkill, and whichever of Amped or Tracker you prefer.

A Heartbeat Sensor and Thermite Grenades or C4 will also come in handy for the closing stages of a match and any close-range situation.