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Call of Duty: Warzone update nerfs the FFAR and AUG

The AUG receives its second nerf in a week

The meta Call of Duty: Warzone loadout in recent weeks has been the AUG tactical rifle and the FFAR 1 assault rifle. Pros and streamers have been running it trying to break Warzone kill records, and as a result a large portion of the player base have been trying the deadly combination out too.

That could (finally) be at an end though, as Raven Software has just pushed live a small update that deals some small – but potentially significant – nerfs to both the AUG and the FFAR. These small tweaks are in addition to the update that went out last week as part of Season Two Reloaded, which aimed (and, for the most part, failed) to nerf the AUG by increasing recoil.

Today’s update increases that recoil even more, meaning it should be much harder to land consecutive shots with the AUG. While it is listed as Tactical Rifle Charlie in the patch notes, this is the code name for the weapon.

With the AUG being a menace at long-range, the FFAR has been the perfect close-range companion, with insane time-to-kill numbers. To combat this, Raven has decided to decrease the ADS speed on the FFAR.

While some would think decreasing damage or fire rate might be the way forward to properly nerf the gun, Raven explains its decision making in the patch notes.

“The FFAR is a jack of all trades. It has the damage profile and range of an AR as well as the fire rate of an SMG. The FFAR’s wholesale efficacy has it edging out SMGs at ranges we’re not satisfied with. Ideally, the FFAR fulfills the role of a mid-range dominator while falling prey to weapons that excel in short-range engagements. We are bringing the FFAR a bit more in line with what you might expect from an AR—damage and range at the cost of handling.”

This could see actual SMGs come back into the fold for close-range battles, meaning the likes of our best Warzone MAC-10 loadout could see an increase in usage if the FFAR nerf is effective.

Alongside the weapon nerfs, Raven Software has also fixed a handful of bugs that were affecting some attachments.

The AUG has already survived one nerf in Warzone – let’s see if this time it will be knocked from the top of the Warzone meta.