Warzone Kill Records: Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads world records

How many kills can the world's best Warzone players rack up in Verdansk?

With no semblance of a ranked mode in Call of Duty: Warzone (and no indication that there will be one any time soon) players and fans of the game have instead shifted the competitive focus to one all important statistic: kills.

While many gamers will find themselves spending hours grinding through the tiers of ranked Valorant or climbing the CS:GO rankings, those at the top of their game in Warzone are instead toiling away to perfect their gunplay, loadouts, loot paths, and strategies in order to get as many kills on the board as possible. While us regular folk may let out a squeak of excitement at hitting double figures in a game, the elite tier of Warzone players out there are taking out vast chunks of a lobby either on their own or as a lethal team.

So who are the record breakers that have terrorised us mere mortals in Verdansk, and which player has had the most eliminations since the game launched? Let’s find out.

Warzone Solos Kill Record

The most Warzone kills ever recorded by a solo player in a standard mode is a mind-boggling 61, which was achieved by Twitch streamer Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma. This was playing in a Quads lobby in Season 3.

This high-kill game did however take place during the 80’s Heroes Event, where the Nakatomi Plaza vault could offer players swathes of cash and the extremely overpowered Specialist Bonus. Because MuTeX utilised the vault in his run, many are contending whether it should be counted as a true record.

We believe that as it took place in the standard Quads mode, and not in any kind of Limited Time Mode or rotational mode, MuTeX’s record stands – although we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

If you believe MuTeX’s 61-kill extravaganza should be ruled out, then Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad holds the Solos record. He dropped 60 kills in a Quads lobby and, to make this feat even more incredible, Aydan’s final kill was against a juggernaut, which he managed to take down to also secure the W.

In standard Solos modes (solo vs solo), the most kills is 47, which was achieved by Brazilian streamer ‘iNewwz’.

Warzone Duos kill record

The most kills recorded by a two-man team in Warzone is a staggering 107. This was set by ‘SuperEvan’ and ‘Newbzz’ on January 10, 2021 in a standard Quads lobby, toppling the previous record by 22 kills. Jheez.

However, this record-breaking game has prompted widespread accusations from the Warzone community, who discovered using the Warzone Companion app that the high-K/D duo managed to get themselves into a very low-skill lobby.

They believe that SuperEvan and Newbzz may have used exploits such as reverse boosting to dodge Warzone’s skill-based matchmaking and land in a low-skill bot lobby.

However, with no definitive proof and SuperEvan claiming the pair were “lucky” to drop into this lobby, the record stands.

In standard Duos lobbies (2v2), the kill record was set by ‘Nistaf’ and ‘BabaYuki’ after they collectively dropped 79 kills.

Warzone Trios Kill Record

The current record for the most kills by a Warzone Trio stands at 129, which was set by ‘dizi’, ‘xDaltt’, and ‘DonLucky’. While records are usually set in a Quads lobby, this insane kill record was achieved in a Trios lobby.

All three of the players on the team put an equally impressive shift in this game, notching up 42, 43, and 44 kills respectively.

Warzone Quads Kill Record

The eye-watering Warzone kill record for a team of four stands at a whopping 162 – a remarkable feat that was set by ‘Almond’, Aydan, ‘FluffyHippo1927’, and Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan on March 5, 2021. This will take some beating!

This obliterated the previous record of 143, which was set by ‘stukawaki’, ‘ScummN’, ‘Myles’, and ‘JerK’.

If you want to give yourself a fighting chance at beating one of these ridiculous kill records, check out our best Warzone loadouts for Season 6 to get yourself geared up.