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PUBG’s upcoming changes are designed to tackle bridge trolling

Erangel's bridges are getting a rework in 11.2

Erangel's main bridge with the new side sections highlighted in yellow

April 21, 2021 PUBG Corp has confirmed the bridge changes will be made available with patch 11.2 – available now on the test server.

In the early days of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, bridge trolling was a quick and effective way to rack up easy kills on players looking to move from the Erangel mainland to Prison. While it’s still used occasionally in ranked PUBG matches, the method might be wiped out by the latest update.

In the update, teased by PUBG Corp on Weibo and shared on Twitter by PlayerIGN, Erangel’s bridges are set for a pretty hefty rework. A fenced walkway is set to be added either side of the bridges which will be connected by stairs underneath. This should, in theory, give PUBG players on foot a better chance of getting across the bridges in one piece, and stop them having to go all the way to the road just to access them.

PUBG Corp has confirmed this change will take place in the 11.2 patch, which is now available on the test server.

That being said, the changes are an interesting shift in direction for PUBG Corp. While the new walkways give players a better chance of rotating, this ultimately forces players away from engagement – something that’s at the core of any battle royale.

It will also be the third mechanic that encourages that sort of behavior too, along with ferries and skyhooks – something fans have aired their dismay about online.

Regardless, these changes will add another interesting twist to the game and provide yet another battleground for players to fight over in the future.