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PUBG Ranked: Ranks, RP, rulesets, and more

Become the master of the chicken dinner with PUBG's new and improved ranked mode

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best battle royale games out there. Despite being released in 2016, PUBG is still an exciting game that breeds competitiveness among its players. The long-anticipated addition of a proper ranked mode to PUBG should increase that competitiveness as more players than ever before attempt to secure a tasty chicken dinner and climb the ranks.

The new ranked mode, which replaced the old Survival Title system, finally gives PUBG the competitive edge it needs to bring it in line with other online games. While it doesn’t have splits like Apex Legends, it does have new content and rulesets tailored to each and every season.

So if you’re looking to master the battlefield and win yourself some chicken dinners in Season 7, then you’re going to need to know your stuff. Here’s everything we know about PUBG ranked, including the different ranks and tiers, RP, rulesets, rank decay, and more.

when will ranked mode be added to pubg?

Ranked mode is now live on PC.  Console players can try the system out on the test servers currently.

What are the PUBG ranks?

PUBG has six ranking tiers starting with Bronze and ending with Master. Each tier has five divisions within them, with 5 being the lowest and 1 the highest. This means there are 30 ranks in total if you exclude unranked from the list.

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How does the PUBG ranking system work?

To begin your PUBG ranked journey, you’ll need to complete five placement matches against players of different ranks. Once you’ve completed these matches, you’ll be given your first rank based on your performance.

Your rank will be measured on the amount of kills and assists you get per game, as well as your placement. Ranks will increase or decrease depending on your performance after each match you play.

Your rank will also decrease if you abandon or leave a match early.


Yes, ranked PUBG has a completely different ruleset to regular games. Ranked uses a variant of the SUPER settings that PUBG esports uses, so 64 players will be queued together for a match on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. Loot will also be better to make games more competitive, and the blue zones will move faster than normal.

Red zones, crossbows, and motor gliders have all been removed for ranked play.

What maps can I play ranked PUBG on?

Currently ranked is only available for TPP and FPP Squads on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It’s unclear if ranked mode will be extended to Vikendi in the future or if it’ll be available for solos or duos.


No, PUBG’s ranked mode does not have bots. While bots have been added to the game recently, these can only be found in regular matches.

why can’t i queue with my friends in pubg ranked?

If you’re struggling to find a game as a premade in PUBG, then chances are your ranks are too far apart. Ranked rules stipulate that players must not be ranked more than 10 divisions away from each other.


Rank decay is a real thing in PUBG. If you were ranked diamond or above in the game and you’ve not played a single game for a week or more, your rank will decay over time. Rank decay will not affect players below that rank, though.

What are the PUBG Season 7 rewards?

PUBG Corp hasn’t revealed the rewards for Season 7 just yet, but we do know that players who end the season in Gold or above will receive a set of ranked reward skins.

Players of all ranks will also receive a name plate and emblem recognising the tier they achieved that season.

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