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Only Black Ops Cold War guns will appear in Warzone Season 3 loot pool

All Modern Warfare weapons have been removed from Warzone's ground loot and supply crates

As part of the Season 3 update to Call of Duty: Warzone (and the transition to what is all but confirmed to be a Cold War-era Verdansk), Raven Software has revealed a big change to the loot pool.

While the update dished out plenty of buffs and nerfs to meta weapons, there will be another change that will influence the weapons you use in Warzone for Season 3. All Modern Warfare guns have now been completely removed from the loot pool, so now only Black Ops Cold War weapons will be appearing as ground loot and in crates. Don’t panic, you can still access your best AMAX Warzone loadout through loadout drops, but the days of finding R9-0 shotguns or Bruens when you first drop in are over.

With Cold War weapons now dominating the loot pool, it’s only right that the two of the six new weapons in Warzone Season 3 are thrown into the mix. Both standard and Blueprint versions of the Swiss K31 sniper rifle and the PPSh submachine gun are now available in loot crates and on the ground.

In one final change to the loot pool, Raven Software confirms that only Legendary-rarity weapons will spawn as Blueprints.

While this seems like a tiny change compared to some of the others in Season 3, this will see the use of Modern Warfare-era weapons in the early game completely vanish. Expect to still be beamed by the best Kilo Warzone loadout later on in the round, though.