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Deal of the week: save up to 26% on this Elgato Wave:3 streaming mic

The Wave: 3 has discounts for both US and UK streamers right now

A black elgato microphone on a mic arm

If you’re into livestreaming and you’re looking to upgrade your audio setup, we might just have the perfect deal for you. When making the step up from basic, low-cost USB microphones to something in the middle of the market, there’s fewer better options than the Elgato Wave:3.

Elgato products are always going to serve any streamer well, but the Wave:3 is a particular standout and one the finest microphones in its price bracket. With crisp audio, sleek black metal design, and compatibility with Elgato’s WaveSound audio software, there are hardly any drawbacks. While it comes as a desk mic with its own rubber-bottomed metal stand, the Wave:3 can also be hooked up to microphone arms if that’s what you prefer. It’s also very functional and easy to use, using a single dial to adjust the input gain, headphone monitoring volume, and the mix.

What’s even better is that right now, the Elgato Wave:3 is on offer with money off for both US and UK streamers, and Elgato discounts are often hard to come by.

Sadly, the UK deal is slightly more generous, offering a 26% discount from £160 down to £118, but there’s still a saving of over $10 for our American readers. We’ve added a link to the page below, in case Amazon decides to match the UK discount.

It’s safe to say that even at full price, the Wave:3 is a great pickup and one of the best microphones for gaming and streaming on the market. But with some money off, you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking to upgrade that streaming set up.