July 2020 Archive

League of Legends feeders will be punished in new player behaviour updates31 July 2020
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitch army recruitment amendment fails House vote31 July 2020
Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free to play, according to reports31 July 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 operators revealed in new trailer31 July 2020
Astralis releases JuGi, signs Bubzkji from MAD Lions31 July 2020
Shroud hints at future announcement with mysterious Valorant teaser31 July 2020
Hyper Scape to launch on all platforms in August31 July 2020
LEC casters planned to boycott broadcasts until NEOM partnership was cancelled31 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone's parachute bug should be patched in Season 530 July 2020
New esports organisation Rix.GG signs Royals Valorant roster30 July 2020
Lando Norris' British GP helmet revealed during his latest Twitch stream30 July 2020
Rocket League director says the Epic Games Store is "a great platform" for the game30 July 2020
Twitch streamer discovers Grounded’s hilarious arachnophobia setting30 July 2020
League of Legends streamer TF Blade suspended from LPP30 July 2020
CS:GO legends S1mple and Zeus banned from Twitch for the third time30 July 2020
Riot Games ends LEC’s partnership with NEOM30 July 2020
The Fall Guys was one of Twitch's top games today despite having a 'secret' test29 July 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Shipment 24/7 mode returns29 July 2020
TimTheTatman's recent Warzone streams plagued by glitches and hackers29 July 2020
Valorant's new agent Killjoy is coming soon - here's what she can do29 July 2020
Team Liquid has removed Nitr0 from its CS:GO roster29 July 2020
LEC casters criticise the league’s new partnership with Saudi-backed NEOM29 July 2020
League of Legends' red minions are broken and have been for 11 years29 July 2020
Minnesota Rokkr drops GodRx, but he'll still get CDL Championship prize money29 July 2020
Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.3 update buffs Gridlock and Fuze28 July 2020
Mousesports hold fundraiser for Cyx's family ten years after his death28 July 2020
LPL pro fined for being toxic to an LCK player in ranked League of Legends match28 July 2020
Ferrari is hosting its own esports series to find its next sim racer28 July 2020
Pakistan's PUBG ban will remain, despite player pleas28 July 2020
Doublelift denies TSM is refusing to play Cloud9 in League of Legends scrims28 July 2020
San Francisco Shock’s Viol2t fined and suspended for ranked Overwatch toxicity28 July 2020
Valorant’s next agent Killjoy has been entirely leaked by Riot28 July 2020
Apex Legends cross-play is coming - but console players won't be put in PC lobbies28 July 2020
Next League of Legends champion might be Samira according to PBE leaks28 July 2020
Valorant Act II is upon us - here are the competitive changes Riot is making27 July 2020
Atlanta Reign coach says Overwatch esports lacks soul unlike other leagues27 July 2020
Riot Korea is launching a League of Legends reality TV show27 July 2020
Dota 2’s The International 10 prize pool reaches $30 million27 July 2020
Sentinels claims PAX Arena Valorant Invitational title27 July 2020
Another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ban wave is imminent27 July 2020
Here are the confirmed seedings for the Call of Duty Championship Playoffs27 July 2020
Dota 2's Immortal Treasure II has been added to the TI10 battle pass27 July 2020
Former Method players create Echo Guild, a new World of Warcraft raiding team27 July 2020
Dota 2 star Ceb explains why he's returning to OG six months after retiring27 July 2020
We're hiring! Network N is looking for six new staff writers27 July 2020
VENN provides the foundation for building better esports content25 July 2020
Ender challenges Reddit troll in new LEC video24 July 2020
NICKMERCS had more hours watched than the entirety of Mixer in July24 July 2020
FIFA 21's FUT co-op mode could be revolutionary - but it'll likely fall short24 July 2020
Escape From Tarkov's 0.12.7 update delayed until next week24 July 2020
League of Legends' Yone is unveiled - and he's Yasuo's perfect support24 July 2020
The Xbox Games Showcase drew in 1.8 million viewers24 July 2020
Smash pro ZeRo permanently banned from Twitch24 July 2020
IWillDominate receives a one year ban from League of Legends Partner Program24 July 2020
New CS:GO update adds Mutiny and Swamp to map rotation24 July 2020
Guild Esports signs its first team, opts for Rocket League24 July 2020
First batch of Esports Awards 2020 nominees revealed24 July 2020
Hashinshin permanently banned from Twitch following misconduct allegations23 July 2020
Clayster says Dallas Empire's recent CDL win was one of the "most dominant" of his career23 July 2020
NICKMERCS reaches a massive subscriber milestone on Twitch23 July 2020
Natus Vincere founder buys Ukrainian hotel for $41m, plans to use it for esports23 July 2020
Valorant streamer gets headshotted IRL by a rogue magpie23 July 2020
New League of Legends series will see creators using “unorthodox” champions23 July 2020
Mixer was supposed to shut down yesterday - it hasn't23 July 2020
New Modern Warfare Season 5 teaser suggests Stadium will be playable23 July 2020
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to block the military from recruiting on Twitch23 July 2020
FIFA 21’s edgy new covers will all feature Kylian Mbappe22 July 2020
DJ Nicky Romero teams up with Rogue for a new music video22 July 2020
Call of Duty League fans “shouldn’t doubt” me and Shotzzy anymore, says iLLeY22 July 2020
Twitch launches a sports-dedicated channel22 July 2020
Mixer streamers are currently playing games in the 'F*** You' category22 July 2020
San Francisco Shock signs the Overwatch League's first Japanese player22 July 2020
Chinese esports team Newbee accused of stealing $100,000 from Fortnite pros22 July 2020
Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy “debating switching” from Call of Duty back to Halo22 July 2020
Meteos parts ways with 100 Thieves League of Legends team22 July 2020
Another Modern Warfare Season 5 teaser is revealed by TeePee22 July 2020
Rocket League is going free-to-play21 July 2020
BOOM Esports signs 13-year-old as CS:GO tournament backup21 July 2020
Riot Games establishes LoL Esports brand to unite its global competitions21 July 2020
Valorant 1.04 patch notes - Raze, Brimstone, Viper, the Classic changed21 July 2020
Valorant’s next agents aren’t Shatter or Crusader despite datamining leaks21 July 2020
Fortnite pro Wolfiez might ditch his controller due to "f*****g" terrible" bugs21 July 2020
Twitch files for dismissal in Phantomlord case21 July 2020
Mother hijacks son's stream to sing for viewers and thank them for their support21 July 2020
The LEC is "looking into ways" of getting players to return to the studio21 July 2020
Pro takes "a break" from Valorant - Riot staff calls him out for cheating21 July 2020
LEC commissioner praises the league's history of developing young talent21 July 2020
Sodapoppin gets banned from Twitch, makes a mock apology video21 July 2020
Valorant devs have fixed a problem that was “aggressively demoting” players21 July 2020
NICKMERCS reveals a teaser for Modern Warfare Season 5 live on stream21 July 2020
Rogue Company enters early access20 July 2020
Sinatraa says he hasn't lost any money by moving from Overwatch to Valorant20 July 2020
Rapper Logic signs a “seven-figure” streaming deal with Twitch20 July 2020
Valorant dev promises the game's "s****y" knife will be fixed20 July 2020
From viewer to streamer: Why I’ve fallen in love with going live on Twitch20 July 2020
Escape From Tarkov's Customs expansion is coming in the next update20 July 2020
Call of Duty 2020 map names found by dataminers in The Red Door alpha20 July 2020
Ardiis says G2 has the "five best individuals" in Valorant esports20 July 2020
NRG's CEO Andy Miller admits he wouldn't invest in the Overwatch League today20 July 2020
Phil Spencer has "no regrets" over Microsoft's Mixer failure20 July 2020
Dallas Empire sweeps Paris Legion to win its third Call of Duty League Home Series20 July 2020
Majority of Dota 2’s heroes nerfed in controversial Aghanim’s Labyrinth patch17 July 2020
Child spends $20,000 of parent’s savings on Twitch subs and donations17 July 2020
Indie studio reveals Gamer Girl - an FMV where you play as a streamer's moderator17 July 2020
We're giving away three PUBG Staycation kits17 July 2020
Breaking the silence was a PR move by Dr DisRespect - but his words aren’t totally worthless17 July 2020
Valorant will have an in-game replay system “soon”17 July 2020
Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws loses Spree17 July 2020
Twitch orders the US Army to remove misleading giveaways on its channel17 July 2020
ESL One Cologne will be held online this year16 July 2020
Skrapz says he’ll miss the London crowd in Royal Ravens’ second CDL Home Series16 July 2020
Dota 2's The International 11 might be pushed back to 202216 July 2020
Team Liquid's upcoming Brawl Stars tournament will be its largest yet16 July 2020
Police called to “disturbance of peace” - it was Lacari playing Dota 216 July 2020
Dr DisRespect speaks out for first time since his Twitch ban16 July 2020
This is how the Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals and Playoffs will work16 July 2020
Evil Geniuses signs LCS midlaner Goldenglue on a one-week contract16 July 2020
PUBG’s next rebalance is all about footsteps15 July 2020
Propane tanks and mystery backpack uncovered by PUBG dataminer15 July 2020
Valorant Ignition Series event delayed due to cheating investigation15 July 2020
New League of Legends champion Yone revealed in beautiful animated trailer15 July 2020
Two LPL teams fine their League of Legends players for inappropriate comments15 July 2020
Attach and Accuracy on New York Subliners’ Call of Duty League resurgence15 July 2020
Tyler1 says Riot "needs me" because of his League of Legends viewership15 July 2020
NiP finalises its new Valorant roster15 July 2020
Dota 2's new Summer Event is called Aghanim's Labyrinth15 July 2020
Call of Duty League reveals dates for $4.6 million Championship14 July 2020
A new armoured loot truck is coming to PUBG14 July 2020
An Overwatch-inspired album has been released by Blizzard14 July 2020
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says League of Legends helps her deal with Twitter hate14 July 2020
Christian Fortnite streamer wants to sue Twitch for "religious discrimination"14 July 2020
Support Jactroll joins Origen’s League of Legends team14 July 2020
Twitch star Gaules apologises for CS:GO cheating allegations fallout14 July 2020
Dr DisRespect wasn't banned from Twitch for signing with another platform14 July 2020
Team Liquid reportedly signs ScreaM and fish123 roster for Valorant14 July 2020
The sounds of walruses and alligators were used for Valorant's Elderflame skins13 July 2020
Three G2 Esports rosters agree contract renewals until 202213 July 2020
LCS, Overwolf, and the Alienware Games are back to reward you for gaming13 July 2020
Astralis players reportedly earn $360,000 a year13 July 2020
Neekolul joins the 100 Thieves stream team13 July 2020
League of Legends champions reimagined by Nickelodeon cartoonist13 July 2020
100 Thieves ends Cloud9’s 17-game unbeaten streak in League of Legends13 July 2020
Hyper Scape is now in open beta13 July 2020
G2 Esports wins the Valorant Vitality European Open13 July 2020
New York Subliners wins its first Call of Duty League Home Series title13 July 2020
A new Valorant agent has already had their animations leaked10 July 2020
Call of Duty pro Crimsix broke the league's GAs as "an experiment"10 July 2020
Kjaerbye leaves North, claims his CS:GO break helped him "see more clearly"10 July 2020
New League of Legends True Damage merchandise is on the way10 July 2020
Team Envy appoints new CEO, hastr0 moves to chief gaming officer10 July 2020
Twitch takes down Black Lives Matter video after diversity complaints10 July 2020
Riot Games considering single-city bubble format for Worlds 202010 July 2020
Call of Duty League weapon GAs "frustrating," says Atlanta FaZe's Simp9 July 2020
It looks like there are more League of Legends Spirit Bloom skins on the way9 July 2020
China cancels international sporting events, putting Worlds 2020 at risk9 July 2020
Here's what Overwatch's King's Row looks like in Minecraft9 July 2020
CS:GO's trusted mode launches by default now, but it's problematic9 July 2020
GTA V RP community raises over $40,000 and creates in-game tribute to Blue6229 July 2020
Valorant launches its API today and Riot wants your ideas9 July 2020
Ninja's surprise YouTube Gaming stream peaked at 164,000 viewers9 July 2020
Vitality will "go big" in Valorant - but only if it becomes a viable esport9 July 2020
League of Legends leaks appear to confirm Yone as champion 1509 July 2020
Watch Mizkif react to Jessica Blevins gifting subs in his chat9 July 2020
PUBG Season 8 will focus on the new and improved Sanhok9 July 2020
LCS reveals rosters for TSM vs Cloud9 League of Legends showmatch9 July 2020
Ninja streams for the first time on YouTube Gaming8 July 2020
We almost got zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare8 July 2020
Twitch streamer Ohlana dies aged 268 July 2020
Valorant teases new fiery ultra edition Elderflame skins8 July 2020
Pr0phie retires from PUBG to focus on streaming Valorant8 July 2020
NICKMERCS says it’ll be “two months” before we hear what happened to Dr DisRespect8 July 2020
The rise and fall of Mixer8 July 2020
Happy fifth birthday Rocket League - here’s what you’ve achieved8 July 2020
GTA V role-playing streamer Blue622 dies aged 308 July 2020
Ranked Valorant will no longer have sudden death8 July 2020
Several esports organisations approved for government coronavirus loans8 July 2020
Ninja accidentally leaks his own YouTube test stream, fuels rumours of move8 July 2020
League of Legends reveals Lillia as its next champion7 July 2020
Twitch adds new perks for Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers7 July 2020
Valorant to get a new Spike Rush Orb in Patch 1.037 July 2020
The official Valorant windbreaker costs $120 but comes with a six month wait7 July 2020
BIG Clan tops HLTV's CS:GO world rankings for the first time7 July 2020
EuroPlay Games Contest to be aired on Twitch during Gamescom7 July 2020
LCS to host League of Legends showmatch with “iconic” TSM and Cloud9 teams7 July 2020
League of Legends band True Damage teases a "worldwide release" this week7 July 2020
Over 34,000 Chinese Overwatch accounts have been banned so far in 20206 July 2020
NICKMERCS gets a cryptic Twitch donation from 'Dr DisRespect'6 July 2020
Microsoft sets the date for Xbox Games Showcase6 July 2020
Kickstarter for fan-owned League of Legends team suspended6 July 2020
Hyper Scape is getting cross-progression6 July 2020
League of Legends pro celebrates LCK victory with improvised Lee Sin cosplay6 July 2020
An esports cafe has been set up for elderly gamers in Japan6 July 2020
Call of Duty League’s $4.6 million playoffs to be played online6 July 2020
MAD Lions' Kaiser voted as the LEC's mid-split MVP6 July 2020
League of Legends Yuumi is here to stay even if you think she "shouldn't exist"3 July 2020
Valorant comes out on top as the most watched game on Twitch in Q23 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone has a new mode - Juggernaut Trios3 July 2020
PUBG Mobile World League's first online season could shape the future of the esport3 July 2020
Four million hours of Hyper Scape has been watched on Twitch already3 July 2020
The LEC will be casted from home this week after talent exposed to COVID-193 July 2020
Evo Online has been cancelled3 July 2020
Rocket League Season 14 extended as Psyonix prepares game-changing update3 July 2020
Twitch streamer and WoW legend Reckful dies aged 313 July 2020
MAD Lions coach wants players to stay "grounded" ahead of new LEC challenges3 July 2020
Hyper Scape turns games into a spectacle with new Twitch extension2 July 2020
Twitch smashes record for hours watched, hours streamed, and concurrent viewership2 July 2020
Destiny 2 streamer Gladd breaks Twitch’s sub train record2 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone could be getting a moving train in Season 52 July 2020
Dota 2 will now let you turn off all information about who you’re playing with2 July 2020
RLCS X divides the Rocket League season into three splits2 July 2020
Summit1g, Gaules, and xQc are 2020’s most watched Twitch streamers so far2 July 2020
Valorant will now notify you when someone you reported is banned2 July 2020
Clix joins NRG’s roster of Fortnite pros2 July 2020
Varus has a 100% pick/ban rate in the LCK, LPL, and LCS Summer Splits1 July 2020
Poko believes the Overwatch League tournament structure is "refreshing"1 July 2020
Tfue claims he’s already “addicted” to leaked battle royale Hyper Scape1 July 2020
New PUBG teaser suggests Sanhok is getting a rework1 July 2020
Competitive Overwatch gets open queue again1 July 2020
DrLupo brandishes Ninja, xQc, and Alinity “children” for Twitter beef1 July 2020