July 2020 Archive

Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free to play, according to reports31 July 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 operators revealed in new trailer31 July 2020
Hyper Scape to launch on all platforms in August31 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone's parachute bug should be patched in Season 530 July 2020
Rocket League director says the Epic Games Store is "a great platform" for the game30 July 2020
The Fall Guys was one of Twitch's top games today despite having a 'secret' test29 July 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Shipment 24/7 mode returns29 July 2020
Valorant's new agent Killjoy is coming soon - here's what she can do29 July 2020
Valorant’s next agent Killjoy has been entirely leaked by Riot28 July 2020
Apex Legends cross-play is coming - but console players won't be put in PC lobbies28 July 2020
Valorant Act II is upon us - here are the competitive changes Riot is making27 July 2020
Another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ban wave is imminent27 July 2020
Here are the confirmed seedings for the Call of Duty Championship Playoffs27 July 2020
We're hiring! Network N is looking for six new staff writers27 July 2020
VENN provides the foundation for building better esports content25 July 2020
FIFA 21's FUT co-op mode could be revolutionary - but it'll likely fall short24 July 2020
Escape From Tarkov's 0.12.7 update delayed until next week24 July 2020
League of Legends' Yone is unveiled - and he's Yasuo's perfect support24 July 2020
The Xbox Games Showcase drew in 1.8 million viewers24 July 2020
Mixer was supposed to shut down yesterday - it hasn't23 July 2020
New Modern Warfare Season 5 teaser suggests Stadium will be playable23 July 2020
Another Modern Warfare Season 5 teaser is revealed by TeePee22 July 2020
Rocket League is going free-to-play21 July 2020
Valorant 1.04 patch notes - Raze, Brimstone, Viper, the Classic changed21 July 2020
Valorant’s next agents aren’t Shatter or Crusader despite datamining leaks21 July 2020
Valorant devs have fixed a problem that was “aggressively demoting” players21 July 2020
Rogue Company enters early access20 July 2020
Valorant dev promises the game's "s****y" knife will be fixed20 July 2020
From viewer to streamer: Why I’ve fallen in love with going live on Twitch20 July 2020
Escape From Tarkov's Customs expansion is coming in the next update20 July 2020
Call of Duty 2020 map names found by dataminers in The Red Door alpha20 July 2020
Phil Spencer has "no regrets" over Microsoft's Mixer failure20 July 2020
Breaking the silence was a PR move by Dr DisRespect - but his words aren’t totally worthless17 July 2020
A new armoured loot truck is coming to PUBG14 July 2020
The sounds of walruses and alligators were used for Valorant's Elderflame skins13 July 2020
League of Legends champions reimagined by Nickelodeon cartoonist13 July 2020
Hyper Scape is now in open beta13 July 2020
A new Valorant agent has already had their animations leaked10 July 2020
New League of Legends True Damage merchandise is on the way10 July 2020
Here's what Overwatch's King's Row looks like in Minecraft9 July 2020
CS:GO's trusted mode launches by default now, but it's problematic9 July 2020
Vitality will "go big" in Valorant - but only if it becomes a viable esport9 July 2020
We almost got zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare8 July 2020
The rise and fall of Mixer8 July 2020
Happy fifth birthday Rocket League - here’s what you’ve achieved8 July 2020
Ranked Valorant will no longer have sudden death8 July 2020
The official Valorant windbreaker costs $120 but comes with a six month wait7 July 2020
Over 34,000 Chinese Overwatch accounts have been banned so far in 20206 July 2020
Microsoft sets the date for Xbox Games Showcase6 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone has a new mode - Juggernaut Trios3 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone could be getting a moving train in Season 52 July 2020
Valorant will now notify you when someone you reported is banned2 July 2020
Poko believes the Overwatch League tournament structure is "refreshing"1 July 2020