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League of Legends’ Yone is unveiled – and he’s Yasuo’s perfect support

Yasuo's brother looks pretty good for a dead guy - really good in fact

Yone is finally making his way into League of Legends after weeks of leaks and teaser trailers. The new champion is arriving in patch 10.16 and we’ve got all the details on what he can do, and let us tell you, he’s pretty badass.

Let’s start with who Yone is. In short, he’s Yasuo’s dead brother who players have heard a little about in previous Runeterra lore. But he’s much more than that – he’s now an anti-hero bot lane champion with a bone to pick with his brother who killed him.

Yone and Yasuo trained together from a young age – which almost meant that Yone was going to be an echo fighter for Yasuo, but Riot decided against that. Instead, it made him a full champion, a character that has the ability to literally tear his soul from his body and traverse the spirit realm at will.

As we said, he’s pretty cool and kind of scary, but he’s also sure to pack a punch when he lands in the game with what he can do. Riot describes Yone, not like Yasuo’s opposite, but more like his other half – hinting that playing the two brothers together is going to be a treat for any League player.


Here is a full list of Yone’s abilities:

  • Passive – Way of the Hunter
    Yone uses two blades, causing every second attack to deal more magic damage. His critical strike chance is also doubled, but his critical strikes deal reduced damage.
  • Q – Mortal Steel
    Yone thrusts forward, dealing physical damage to opponents. On hit, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that makes enemies airborne.
  • W – Spirit Cleave
    Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone also gains a temporary shield. The shield’s power increases per champion struck.Yone in-game render
  • E – Soul Unbound
    Yone can enter his Spirit Form, gaining movement speed and leaving his body behind. When Yone’s Spirit Form expires, he’ll snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt while in Spirit Form.
  • R – Fate Sealed
    Yone strikes all enemies in his path, blinking behind the last enemy hit and knocking everyone airborne towards him.
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In conclusion, he looks great and it’ll be exciting to see what players can do with him once he’s in-game. No doubt he’s going to need some tweaks, especially if he’s Yasuo’s perfect support, but we just have to wait and see.