Valorant will now notify you when someone you reported is banned

Ah, the sweet smell of justice

There’s nothing better than playing a game only to get a pop up saying someone you reported has been swiftly banned for cheating. Well prepare to feel that level of satisfaction in Valorant because the development team has started to roll out ban notifications.

The feature, which was noticed by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, is still in its experimental stage, according to anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain. “I forgot to tell people that this was coming,” he says on Twitter. “Reported cheater msgs are here but are experimental. They only fire if you are in client when the cheater is banned, it’s also meant to show the cheater’s ID.”

You’ll only get the notification if someone you’ve reported has been banned while you’re playing the game, though, so don’t expect to log on to a barrage of messages when you go to play later on today.

Successful ban report notifications are something the community has been asking about for a while, but they’re not finished yet. Expect to see some changes on the way soon.

Thanks PC Gamer.