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League of Legends champions reimagined by Nickelodeon cartoonist

Lux, Renekton, Teemo, and Yasuo's designs get some interesting recreations

Readers of a certain age and with a deep love for cartoons will have grown up with eyes glued to genius creations such as Fairly OddParents or Danny Phantom. And now the creator behind these Nickelodeon classics and their signature art styles has had a crack at recreating some of League of Legends’ most popular champions.

As was reported in Dexerto, Butch Hartman – who is the brains behind a number of Nickelodeon hits and has also worked on other classics like Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory – took some time to try his hand at drawing four LoL champions in a cartoon style based only on a description of their design.

Hartman, who admits he knows zilch about League of Legends, attempts to recreate Renekton first, and from the massive croc’s description he gets pretty close to the champion’s original design. While it isn’t quite as intimidating and ferocious as the original, it’s an interesting reimagining of the Butcher of the Sands that most fans could easily identify as Renekton.

Next up Hartman has a crack at Lux, which certainly takes an interesting turn. After hearing her description, he ends up creating a drawing that more closely resembles Wonder Woman than Lux.

Yasuo is the next to be drawn, and Hartman creates a very interesting take on the Unforgiven that could probably pass as a younger version of the champion. He definitely nails the warrior aesthetic (and the ponytail), and fans would likely be able to guess that Yasuo is the champion being depicted in his sketch.

Lastly, Teemo gets a turn. Hartman‘s reimagining of the raccoon-fox-hamster-thing is wildly different from Teemo’s original design, showing the fuzz ball as a taller, skinnier version which looks closer to Rocket from the Marvel universe than the Swift Scout.

While it seems unlikely that the world of Runeterra will ever have a kid’s cartoon created about its inhabitants, it’s good to know that – just in case – Hartman has got some early practice in already!