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Valorant devs have fixed a problem that was “aggressively demoting” players

Players' MMR only looked like it was radically change - play a game and it should go back to normal


If you’ve been playing Valorant recently and you’ve lost a match, then you might have noticed you’ve lost a lot more MMR than you might hope. Riot has heard your feedback and has now fixed the bug that has been “aggressively demoting” players after they’ve lost a match.

Riot Games’ Valorant Twitter account tweeted out that they are “aware of some issues with the ranked system aggressively demoting players and are actively fixing. These demotions won’t last long-term, only the displayed rank should be impacted, winning a game will put players back in the correct rank again”.

In another tweet a little later on the same account notes that there is a “fix in place for the miscalibrated ranks in North America – if you play one game, you should get synced back to what your real rank is”.

Although this bug must have given a fair few players small heart attacks about how much MMR they lost, it’s good to know that their real MMR hasn’t been affected.

Ex-pro player Sean Gares can show you the result of this bug in a screenshot he put on Twitter. The problem is that out of the last ten matches he played eight of them are wins, and then he had a recent loss as the Team MVP and got demoted an entire rank.

After the bug was fixed by the Riot team, his position returned to normal and he got Immortal 3 “back after one win. Phew”.

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