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A new Valorant agent has already had their animations leaked

New skins, left-handed support, and timeouts are all hinted in the data mines

Valorant character Jett stands in front of a blurred background, nonchalantly juggling a kunai in her hand

As long as there’s a data miner, there’s a leak and Riot Games is finding that Valorant is no different. Fans, and specifically Valorant Express on Twitter, have been hard at work searching for any development details about the new FPS and they’ve found more than one hint on where the game is going next.

First, let’s talk about the next potential agent coming to the game, Killjoy. Riot has recently come out and said that they are aiming for around six new agents a year for Valorant, and so although Reyna has only just settled into the game, it’s not long before another agent will join the roster. And according to this data mine, it’s likely someone called (or codenamed) Killjoy will be added next.

Fans think that they’re the next agent because of an update to Killjoy’s files, regarding something to do with ‘Static Lightning’ – very possibly an ability for the agent. Within the VFX materials of the game, there is a similar reference to lightning. More excitingly, there is also an ultimate animation within the game for Killjoy where with a hunched back they struggle with some unknown (probably more lightning) power.

Some of the other leaks that the account has been breaking include the potential for a new Cyberpunk inspired skin set and a ‘Fallen’ skin set. It’s also rumoured that left-handed support is coming to the game soon.

When it comes to any competitive changes, it looks like the biggest change may be the inclusion of timeouts – pauses in the games that players can ask for. From the screenshot Valorant Express posted, it looks like these will be voted events – giving the team a say in if everyone gets a break or not.

It’s all very exciting but right now it’s all just leaks, and nothing is final yet. Right now we’re just enjoying the arrival of the fiery Elderflame skins.