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Another Modern Warfare Season 5 teaser is revealed by TeePee

Verdansk's Stadium could be on the way out...

A Warzone player parachutes from the helicopter towards Stadium

Another of Twitch’s top Call of Duty: Warzone streamers has revealed another short teaser for the next season of Modern Warfare – and this one looks to confirm suspicions that some kind of nuclear attack will be going down in Verdansk.

Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow was called upon as the next creator to be sent a mysterious teaser following an initial reveal by Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff. Similarly to NICKMERCS, TeePee was sent the USB drive containing the teaser inside of a rook chess piece. The teaser itself was a similar length to the first as well, coming in at around just nine seconds. However, it showed something very interesting indeed.

The footage appears to show the inside of Verdansk’s Stadium – which in itself is quite exciting as players can’t currently get inside of it in Warzone. It shows what looks to be CCTV footage from a supporters bar in Stadium. As the camera begins to pan, a loud bang can be heard that shakes the building. Then a bright light begins to glow from the back of the shot, and gets brighter and louder. It looks a lot like a massive explosion. The footage then cuts out to a ‘no signal’ screen.

Like the first teaser, this footage also shows the date of August 5, and the timestamp displays 11:05, making this around 19 minutes after the footage shown in NICKMERCS stream.

There’s also another cryptic code in the top left, but we’re still none the wiser as to what it means.

It looks as if both teasers are now connected, with many theorising that the train shown in the first teaser could be carrying nuclear weaponry through Verdansk and either an accident or a targeted attack will cause a very big bang indeed.

With this being players’ first ever glimpse inside of Stadium, it also looks likely that the much requested change of opening up Stadium’s roof or making the whole building accessible could be on the way too.

If the trend continues, expect another Season 5 teaser to be shown later on today by another prominent Warzone streamer.