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CS:GO’s trusted mode launches by default now, but it’s problematic

Players are reporting things like Discord and OBS are being blocked

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players using third-party software will no longer be able to play the game unless they launch without Trusted mode enabled. The changes, which were added in last night’s patch, are an attempt to crack down on cheating in Valve’s iconic shooter, but they’ve already been causing some problems.

Trusted mode, which was trialled and tested in June, blocks naughty software like cheats and scripts from working while CS:GO is up and running, but it’s also causing some problems. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, trusted mode is unfortunately blocking things like OBS, Discord, and various Nvidia software.

Trusted mode is launched by default, according to the latest patch notes, and can be turned off if the game is launched with the -untrusted command. However, that can negatively impact your trust factor, meaning you’ll be paired against less trustworthy opponents for the long run. Put it this way, if you and your friends value your CS:GO ranks, you might want to avoid that.

Sadly, there’s no fix for the problems the latest patch has created just yet and Valve hasn’t commented on them either. So if you’re planning on jumping in-game with your mates later today, don’t expect it to be smooth sailing.