The official Valorant windbreaker costs $120 but comes with a six month wait

Worth the wait?

While Riot Games is a champion of releasing free-to-play games, it always manages to find a way to rake in the cash. Skins and season passes usually do the trick, but for the most devout fans, the urge of getting some official merch will always be difficult to resist.

Riot has released a fair amount of League of Legends merch in its time, but now Valorant is getting a turn. For those fanatical about the tactical shooter, you now have two ways to show your obsession IRL: A Valorant snapback, or if you’re the more outdoorsy type, a Valorant windbreaker coat. However, there’s a couple of reasons as to why you may want to think twice about splashing out on some Valorant merch.

The first is the price. While $30 for the snapback seems reasonable, the windbreaker – which Riot says on its product page makes you “feel like you can clutch any moment,” whatever that means – comes in at $120. That’s a lot to spend on a clutch.

The second is that you may not actually see some of it for a while. While the snapback is available to buy now and will take around 3-4 weeks to get to you, the windbreaker is a preorder. Estimated delivery? February 2021.

Yep, you’ve got to wait more than six months to actually get your hands on your $120 coat. Not ideal.

If you are crazy enough to take the plunge, however, you can view both products here.