February 2020 Archive

Split or Steal is Twitch's newest hit, and it turned me into a monster28 February 2020
100 Thieves’ Cody Sun thinks League of Legends champions deal “too much damage”28 February 2020
Summit1g, Tyler1, and xQc are February’s most watched Twitch streamers28 February 2020
Swag retires from CS:GO to focus on Project A28 February 2020
League of Legends Pro League games will be played online28 February 2020
WWE legend The Undertaker threatens Dr DisRespect during Twitch stream27 February 2020
Carzzy on beating Rekkles, winning Rookie of the Split, and how his relationship is helping his career27 February 2020
T1 signs Smash Ultimate pro and EVO winner MkLeo27 February 2020
Tyler1 stunned by League of Legends teammate’s impressive Thresh hook27 February 2020
Valve wants cities to bid to host Dota 2's The International in 202127 February 2020
IEM Katowice to be played behind closed doors due to coronavirus concerns27 February 2020
Twitch streamers copyright striked and banned for watching Democratic debate27 February 2020
Pestily beats Summit1g and Dr DisRespect in $10,000 Escape from Tarkov tournament26 February 2020
Innaxe reveals he's received hate mail after replacing FORG1VEN in the LEC26 February 2020
SonicFox leaves Echo Fox, says the organisation changed their life26 February 2020
Riot Games stalls League of Legends MSI 2020 announcement over coronavirus fears26 February 2020
Healthy Gamer hits 100,000 followers on Twitch26 February 2020
Dota Pro Circuit to introduce Regional Leagues after The International 1026 February 2020
Are Excel’s Patrik and Tore the new superstar bot lane in European League of Legends?25 February 2020
Leaked ruleset reveals format for Rocket League and Street Fighter V Olympics events25 February 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's game director wants the game to be free-to-play25 February 2020
LCK prevents media from attending amid coronavirus concerns25 February 2020
Brand is going to become a jungler in League of Legends Patch 10.525 February 2020
Dr DisRespect says console aim assist is “way too strong” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare25 February 2020
Tyler1 roasts Greekgodx by saying "his humour left" when he lost weight25 February 2020
FIFA 20 streamer and ex-pro Kurt gets banned from all EA titles25 February 2020
Duke says a "lack of leadership" is causing Team Vitality's poor form in the LEC24 February 2020
Twitch streamer GreekGodX signs for Team SoloMid24 February 2020
Pokimane says she “doesn’t fit in” living in LA with other content creators24 February 2020
Ex-teammate of League of Legends pro Dumbledoge denies homophobic behaviour24 February 2020
7-year-old trainer becomes a junior Pokemon VGC champion24 February 2020
Ninja labels Tfue’s challenge to a fight a “publicity stunt”24 February 2020
Ubisoft is creating a code of conduct to tackle toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege21 February 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's esports director wants to build a "robust" ecosystem outside of revenue share21 February 2020
Former Toronto Defiant and Boston Uprising player Stellar joins Talon Esports21 February 2020
Retired players Ambition, PraY, Wolf and more will play in a new League of Legends tournament21 February 2020
League of Legends hotfix Sona and Soraka but leave Ornn untouched21 February 2020
Apex Legends brings back original map Kings Canyon21 February 2020
ESL to regulate crowd interference at CS:GO events with new etiquette measures21 February 2020
Dr DisRespect is writing a memoir about being "the greatest gamer in the universe"21 February 2020
Ninjas in Pyjamas "exploring an entry" into League of Legends20 February 2020
NickEh30, Myth, dakotaz and more react to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 220 February 2020
Seoul Dynasty will donate 100% of Overwatch League homestand proceeds to coronavirus charities20 February 2020
Nisqy reveals he studied Doinb's League of Legends Worlds performance20 February 2020
League of Legends Eternals are returning after tons of player feedback19 February 2020
Revenant appears to have a hitbox problem in Apex Legends19 February 2020
Syndicate launches charity fundraiser for Make A Wish UK19 February 2020
The LPL will host an online scrims league to counter coronavirus delays19 February 2020
The 24 CS:GO teams playing in the ESL Pro League revealed19 February 2020
PUBG nerfs frag grenades following community feedback19 February 2020
Riot Games punishes CaptainFlowers for missing his LCS call time19 February 2020
Valve just released a Dota 2 trailer ahead of The International 202019 February 2020
Fortnite leak says Chapter 2: Season 2 will be called TakeOver18 February 2020
Twitch is adding a live stats tracker for League of Legends streams18 February 2020
All-female League of Legends team Vaevictis kicked out of the LCL18 February 2020
ESL pulls the plug on the CS:GO Intel Challenge at IEM Katowice18 February 2020
Dr DisRespect uninstalls Apex Legends in triple threat rage18 February 2020
Faker signs new League of Legends deal and becomes a co-owner of T118 February 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone mode likely to launch in "early March"18 February 2020
Epic Games is teasing Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 217 February 2020
Tachanka is getting an incendiary grenade launcher in Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege17 February 2020
Cancelled Chinese Overwatch League homestands will be played in South Korea17 February 2020
TheGrefg smashes his monitor in Fortnite rage quit17 February 2020
Ubisoft unveils sustainability plans for Rainbow Six Siege esports17 February 2020
Shroud and AnneMunition beg game developers to help combat stream sniping14 February 2020
Only 10 champions are yet to be picked across League of Legends esports in 202014 February 2020
Pokimane donates $50,000 to start a college esports scholarship14 February 2020
UFC and WWE icon Ronda Rousey signs a streaming deal with Facebook Gaming14 February 2020
YouTube’s deal with Activison Blizzard is reportedly worth $160 million14 February 2020
FORG1VEN steps down from League of Legends, says Schalke are "unable" to be competitive13 February 2020
League of Legends star Faker says it "feels good" being one of South Korea's top celebrities13 February 2020
Red Reserve to relaunch in mobile esports under new management13 February 2020
Buy a tube of Pringles and you could win some League of Legends skins13 February 2020
An esports reality TV show is coming and the winner gets $100,00013 February 2020
CS:GO map Dust 2 has been perfectly recreated in Fortnite Creative13 February 2020
Baby Assassin gives Dr DisRespect some important life lessons on stream12 February 2020
Why Split or Steal is the perfect game for streamers, even if it's not built for it12 February 2020
xQc blasts his chat for mocking his Silver 2 ranking in League of Legends12 February 2020
Justin Bieber just followed everyone at 100 Thieves on Twitter12 February 2020
PUBG confirms team deathmatch is coming in the next patch12 February 2020
PSG.LGD benches new Dota 2 carry five days after signing him12 February 2020
HenryG says Project A is the best game he's played since CS:GO12 February 2020
Drake signs a "multi-year" livestreaming deal with Caffeine11 February 2020
League of Legends European Championship pros want to remove Akali11 February 2020
Overwatch League vice president apologises to former talent11 February 2020
Clayster defends Dallas Empire’s Call of Duty League performances11 February 2020
Tyler1 breaks his headset after missing a smite in League of Legends11 February 2020
Duos return to Apex Legends for Valentine's Day11 February 2020
MithR says he's "unhappy" with North's decision to sack him as CS:GO coach11 February 2020
Dr DisRespect hits 4 million followers on Twitch11 February 2020
PUBG accidentally pushes team deathmatch mode to live servers11 February 2020
Four of the top performers from the Call of Duty League London Home Series10 February 2020
Fl0m pleads with ESL and Flashpoint to iron out CS:GO match conflicts10 February 2020
Jankos loses his mind over Aphelios' lifesteal during League of Legends match10 February 2020
CouRage says his teddy bear prank on TimTheTatman is his proudest streaming moment10 February 2020
Nearly half a million people watched G2 take on Fnatic in the LEC10 February 2020
PUBG Corp delays PUBG Global Series event due to coronavirus10 February 2020
London Royal Ravens' Skrapz on the home advantage, CDL's biggest stars, and competing with his brother7 February 2020
League of Legends players vote slayer mains as the most toxic in the game7 February 2020
Astralis' Xyp9x on CS:GO success: "We want to do even greater things"7 February 2020
Team Vitality's Alex thinks CS:GO is the "most competitive it's ever been"7 February 2020
League of Legends player Broxah’s visa has finally been approved7 February 2020
Delayed RLCS Season 9 fixtures will be played this weekend7 February 2020
CS:GO players will be muted automatically if they abuse text and voice chat7 February 2020
Perkz thinks Akali’s nerf in League of Legends is a mistake6 February 2020
PUBG Corp donates $3 million to help tackle coronavirus6 February 2020
Ninja struts his stuff on the New York Fashion Week runway6 February 2020
FACEIT's esports director says Flashpoint will treat CS:GO players like "superstars"6 February 2020
Twitch star xQc leaks potential merch deal on stream6 February 2020
MAD Lions owner bought CS:GO team specifically for Flashpoint6 February 2020
MonteCristo on CS:GO's Flashpoint - "Are we going to lose potential sponsors? I hope so"5 February 2020
The new CS:GO 'B Site' league is called Flashpoint, has $2 million prize pool5 February 2020
Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Plopski signs three year CS:GO contract extension5 February 2020
Apex Legends PC player becomes the first Season 4 Apex Predator5 February 2020
Ghost returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare next week5 February 2020
Doublelift calls LCS pros “hysterically pathetic” for not understanding Aphelios5 February 2020
A new anti-cheat system is coming to League of Legends4 February 2020
Twitch streamer JakeNBake says Chinese platform Huya offered him a $1 million deal4 February 2020
Rekkles slams Riot Games over recent League of Legends balancing attempts4 February 2020
Leaks suggest Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework will drop next season4 February 2020
Death Stranding fan controls Sam Porter Bridges with a treadmill4 February 2020
Dr DisRespect suffers a technical hitch while entering The Arena4 February 2020
League of Legends caster LS says he has "no f*****g idea" what Aphelios does4 February 2020
Caps says Perkz’s role swap will make League of Legends “more fun” for him3 February 2020
Aleksib had the EZ4ENCE CS:GO music kit equipped for grudge match3 February 2020
Summit1g reacts to losing his Twitch crown to Ninja in 20183 February 2020
League of Legends champion designer hints at "pretty hard" Soraka nerf3 February 2020
Blizzard hasn't told Sinatraa when his Overwatch League will be released3 February 2020
FIFA streamer Castro wins $125,000 playing Uno against 100 Thieves3 February 2020
How Respawn built Apex Legend's genre-defining ruleset1 February 2020