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Apex Legends brings back original map Kings Canyon

Apex Legends players can temporarily plat the original version of Season 1 Kings Canyon in a separate playlist.

Apex Legends players should prepare for a wave of nostalgia as Respawn Entertainment has brought back the game’s original map, King’s Canyon, in a separate playlist. However, the map which started it all, will only be around this weekend before departing again on Monday, February 24.

This will be the original version of Kings Canyon from Season 1: Wild Frontier’s so don’t expect to see any leviathans or flyers, which were added to the last version of the map back in Season 2.

Respawn had updated Kings Canyons to push fights into the centre of the map but back on the original, firefights will be spread out, and happen at a slower pace. There is always the option to hot drop in Skulltown though if you fancy a bit of close-combat action.

The original map will be joined by World’s Edge, which has been in place for the last couple of seasons in the unranked only playlist. This isn’t the first time that the game has experimented with multimap playlists as both the Fight or Fright and Grand Soiree Arcade events did the same. Respawn has always been cautious of implementing events like these which could drastically split the player base.

However, Respawn has revealed its intentions to bring Kings Canyon back into competitive on March 24 as the map will return for the second half of Ranked Series 3. Although that will likely be the updated version of the map rather than the original, perhaps with even more changes. But with that still a month away, players can at least enjoy a blast from the past by playing the original for the next few days.